For Retirees

Medical & Dental Insurance

FCPS provides eligible retirees with medical & dental coverage through Carefirst.

To be eligible for retiree benefits, you must have worked for FCPS continuously for 10 (ten) years, and are eligible to continue the coverage you held as an active employee.

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If you elect the FCPS medical coverage upon retirement, when you and/or your dependent attain age 65 or if you and/or your dependent are 65 at the time of retirement you are required to enroll in Medicare Part A and B.  You will submit a copy of your Medicare card to FCPS Benefits Office.

FY19 Retiree Rates

Dental Plans

FCPS offers two dental plans administered by Delta Dental.  One is a Standard plan with an annual limit of $1000 per person per plan year and one is a buy-up option plan with an annual limit of $2000 per person per plan year.

See Retiree Dental Plans more detailed information about these plans.

Vision Plan

Your vision plan is included with your health care coverage through CareFirst and includes coverage for prescription lenses, frames or contact lenses in lieu of glasses. 

See Retiree Vision Plan for more detailed information about these plans.

Prescription Drug Plan

As a retiree covered under the FCPS medical plans, your prescription drug plan is include in your coverage.  If enrolled in Medicare, you will be enrolled in the SilverScript CVS Plan, if in the non-Medicare group, you will be enrolled in the CVS CareMark Plan.

See Retiree Prescription Drug Plan for more detailed information about these plans.

Life Insurance

FCPS offers group life insurance as a part of your retirement package. 

The coverage is equal to your final yearly salary, capped at $50,000. 

FCPS pays for the first $25,000 of your coverage. If you choose the maximum coverage allowed (over $25,000), see the Retiree Life Rate Chart.

To change your beneficiary, please complete and submit the Enrollment Form.

Open Enrollment

For retirees, your health coverage plan year is now January through December. Open enrollment is in October, for an effective date of January 1st.

Please return in October for more information on your Open Enrollment period.

Maryland State Retirement and Pension System

Address Change—Form 77
Direct Deposit form—Form 85
Federal & MD Tax Form—Form 766

For phone access, your PIN is the month and year you retired.

For questions about your Pension payment, please contact the Retirement Agency.

Medicare/Social Security             

To apply for Medicare, call or visit your local Social Security Office.

Frederick Office
Ste N 5340 Spectrum Dr
Frederick, MD 21703
1-866-331-7089 or 1-800-633-4227

To Apply for Social Security Benefits, call 1-866-331-7089 or visit their website.

Additional Resources

Frederick County Department of Aging

The Department of Aging is a wealth of information on a variety of resources.