Group Life Insurance and Short Term Disability Coverage

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Employer Provided Benefits

Employee Life Insurance

FCPS offers group term life insurance as a part of the benefit package to eligible employees at no cost.  The policy is equal to twice the base annual earnings, rounded to the nearest $1,000. View the Group Life Insurance Certificate and plan details.

Voluntary Benefits
Sarah Minnick

Senior Manager, Benefits and Wellness
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Employer Benefits
Christine Hobble
HR Associate II
(301) 644-5052
Fax: (301) 644-5122

Accidental Death and Dismemberment

The employee life insurance policy includes Accidental Death and Dismemberment coverage.  Please contact Christine Hobble at 301-644-5052 for questions about this benefit.

Designate a Beneficiary

To change your beneficiary, log into Employee Self Service.


Voluntary Benefits

Additional Life Coverage

Employees may elect additional life coverage for themselves, their spouse and children. New employees may choose this coverage with no medical underwriting provided they enroll within 31 days of the date they become eligible for coverage. Current FCPS employees who did not apply during open enrollment period in May 2019, may apply for this coverage at any time. An extended waiting period and medical underwriting will apply. Apply here for voluntary life insurance outside of the open enrollment period: Voluntary Life Insurance Application.

Additional Life Resources

Short Term Disability Coverage

Short term disability coverage provides a weekly income benefit for employees who are unable to work due to a covered condition. New employees may elect short term disability with no medical underwriting requirement within 31 days of the date they become eligible for insurance with FCPS. Current FCPS employees who did not enroll within 31 days of the date they became eligible, may add the policy via Employee Self Service. The policy will become effective the first of the month following your election; an extended waiting period will apply for any claims filed.

If you have elected this coverage and wish to file a claim, please visit The Standard web site at

Additional Short Term Disability Resources