Health, Dental & Vision Plans


Benefited employees working 17.5 hours per week are eligible to participate in the employee group health and welfare plans.  Your eligible dependents are as follows:

Eligible Dependents:

  • Employee’s Legally married Spouse
  • Eligible Employee’s child who is under age 26, including a natural child, stepchild, a legally adopted child, a child placed for adoption or a child for whom you or our Spouse are the legal guardian; or
  • An unmarried child age 26 or over who is or becomes disabled and dependent upon you.

To be eligible for coverage under the plan, a dependent must reside within the United States.

Choosing Your Medical Plan Coverage

FCPS offers one health plan option, administered by CareFirst.

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Current Medical & Dental Active Employee Rates

Dental Plans

FCPS offers two dental plans administered by Delta Dental. One is a Standard plan with an annual limit of $1500 per person per plan year and one is a buy-up option plan with an annual limit of $2500 per person per plan year.

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Vision Plan

Your vision plan is included with your health care coverage through CareFirst and includes coverage for prescription lenses, frames or contact lenses in lieu of glasses. 

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Save for Health and Medical Expenses

FCPS Healthcare Flexible Spending Accounts (FSAs) permits you to set aside funds tax-free in that you may use to pay for anticipated healthcare related expenses not covered by insurance.