Leave of Absence Status

FCPS offers employees an opportunity to take time off work, unpaid, for a variety of reasons including health related, parental, and personal, etc.  The employee remains employed by FCPS, however, does not have an active job assignment, i.e. ‘Custodian at Lewistown Elementary School’. 

This option is unpaid, and typically lasts until the end of the fiscal year.  The employee is able to continue health insurance but at the full cost. The employee is billed for any continued coverage.

Effective July 1, 2019



Standard Dental

Buy Up Dental





Employee + 1








Life Insurance

$0.113 per $1000 per Month(ie. 100,000 /1000 * .113 = $11.30 per month)
Life insurance is 2 times salary rounded to highest thousand.

Returning from an LOA

Upon confirmation that you are returning for the following fiscal year, you will receive communication regarding a work assignment. 

For those on parental leave, you may request an LOA for a semester at a time, following FMLA. This applies only to the year in which your child was born. 

How to request an LOA

To request an LOA, you must submit a Status Change Form to Human Resources.  In health related cases, please contact the Benefits Office.

Pension Information

The MD State Retirement Agency considers certain types of LOA’s will ‘Qualifying Leave’ for pension service.  This means that you will be able to ‘purchase’ this time towards your future pension payments.  More information can be found on Form 46. Complete Form 26 in order to purchase an approved leave of absence