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CVS Caremark Prescription Plan Highlights

Copayments for generic, preferred and non-preferred brand prescription drugs, are per the following schedule:                         

Prescription Drug Class

30-Day Supply – Retail
(Any Retail Pharmacy)        

90-Day Mail Order
90-Day CVS/Pharmacy  (only)




Preferred brand



Non-preferred brand




  • Maintenance Choice Program – plan participants who take maintenance medications have the choice to purchase their 90-day supply from the mail order program or purchase from a CVS/Pharmacy store and pay the same mail order copayment.
  • Mandatory generics are required when available as well as using the mandatory specialty pharmacy program or specialty prescription drugs.
  • Diabetic Meter Program – plan participants with diabetes may qualify for a free blood glucose meter when diabetic testing supplies are ordered through the mail order program.

CVS uses a formulary list of generics and preferred medications to keep your prescription copays at the lowest cost possible.  In addition, you will find additional information on generics and other prescription resources in the links below.