Time Off & Medical Leave

Overview of Leave

FCPS offers a variety of options for taking time off. Sick, personal and vacation leave is available to eligible employees. The leave plans accrue with each pay period.

Personal Leave


Maximum accrual

10 mo/7 hr

21 hours

1.05 per pay

84  hours

11 mo/7 hr

21 hours

0.95 per pay

84 hours

12 mo/7 hrs

21 hours

0.88 per pay

84 hours

10 mo/8 hrs

24 hours

1.20 per pay

96 hours

12 mo/8 hrs

24 hours

1.0 per pay

96 hours

Sick Leave


Maximum accrual


One day/month

1.75 per pay


7 hrs

One day/month

3.5 per pay


8 hrs

One day/month

4.0 per pay


Sarah Minnick
Benefits Officer

301-644-5122 (f)

Lisa Brashears
Administrative Secretary
301-644-5122 (f)

Vacation leave must be approved by your supervisor.  Please see your Negotiated Agreement for vacation leave accruals.

To plan time off work, complete and submit a leave request form to your supervisor. You may obtain th is form through Form Finder at InsideFCPS, or fromyour work location. If your time off is unexpected, please communicate the nature of your emergency to your supervisor as soon as you can. 

Be sure to check your Negotiated Agreement for a complete listing of all leave types.

Military FMLA

FCPS provides certain military family leave entitlements. Eligible employees may take FMLA leave for specified reasons related to certain military deployments of their family members.  Also see the FCPS Military FMLA Policy 300-47 for details.

Medical Leave

FCPS allows employees time off to address medical issues of your own or those of their immediate family, in compliance with the Family Medical Leave Act.  Navigate to the FMLA tab for details on eligibility and benefits.

For benefited employees who do not qualify for FMLA, we offer Personal Disability. This program works similarly to FMLA, and allows you to be out of work for your own illness.  See the Negotiated Agreement for details.

A Leave of Absence may be an appropriate choice if you need more time to manage your health, or that of a loved one.  Requests are made to the Benefits Officer.

For other Leave of Absence options, please see your Negotiated Agreement.

Parental Leave

FMLA also allows for time off to care for a newborn, adoption, or foster child placement.  Appropriate documentation is also required and you may use your available leave during this time period. See the Parental Leave page for more information.

Returning from Medical Leave

When your doctor has determined you are medically able to return to work, you will need to provide medical documentation with the date of return, as well as any recommended work restrictions.  To plan for your return, please provide 24 hours’ notice of your return to work date. 

FCPS makes every effort to accommodate you in returning to work.  If you have restrictions, it may take additional time to determine the accommodations.  It is best to have timely communication with your supervisor.

If you were off work for parental leave, you must provide a medical release after recovering from delivery.  Per the Negotiated agreement, you must confirm your return to work plans within 30 days of the child’s birth.