CareFirst Vision Plan

BlueVision Plus

Customer Service Number: 1-800-783-5602
Provider Locator: 1-800-783-5602

The FCPS vision plan is included with your health plan premiums and is administered by CareFirst BlueVision Plus.

CareFirst BlueVision Plus Plan Highlights

The CareFirst BlueVision Plus Plan offers vision benefits every 12 months.

 In-Network  – Exam & Standard lenses paid in full covered lens options now include:

  • Standard anti-reflective,
  • Standard, deluxe and premium progressives 
  • Adult frame allowance $150.00
  • Child under age 19 frame allowance 100% coverage to $200, then tiered copay structure
  • Elective Contact Lens Allowance for Adults is $150, formulary contacts remain covered in full


  • Adults are reimbursed according to a fee schedule for exam, lenses and frames.
  • Children under age 19 are reimbursed according to a coinsurance schedule for exam, lenses and frames.

To see the full details on the vision plan please refer to the CareFirst BlueVision Plus Plan summary plan.