Workers' Compensation

Insurance Coverage

FCPS provides Workers' compensation Insurance coverage if you are injured or become ill as a result of your FCPS employment. You must report any work-related injury or illness to your supervisor immediately.

Julie Uehlein
Worker's Compensation Specialist

(301) 644-5272

How to report a Workers' Compensation Event

Here are the steps to take to report an injury or illness;

The Administrative Secretary at your location is also able to assist in this process and fax the paperwork.

Medical Care

While you may treat at any facility that accepts Workers' Compensation rates, our preferred provider is Frederick Health Employer Solutions (formerlyCorpOHS.)

Frederick Health Employer Solutions
490-L Prospect Blvd
Frederick, MD 21701
(240) 566-3001
Fax: (240) 566-3003

All medical notes must be submitted to the Benefits Office. 

See your Negotiated Agreement for a list of preferred providers.

                FASSE: Article VII, Section 7.2
                FCTA:  Article XXX
                FCASA:  Article VIII, Section 8.11

Compensation on Lost Time

You may qualify for temporary total disability benefits or partial disability benefits if your case is compensable and appropriate medical documentation is submitted. Your adjuster will make this determination. 

If you treated at a preferred provider, any lost time will be supplemented by FCPS.  Otherwise, your time will be covered using your own available sick, personal, or vacation leave.  Please see your Negotiated Agreements for details, same articles as listed above.

Returning to Work

After you seek treatment, your doctor will determine if you are able to work, and if you have restrictions on your work capabilities. This documentation must be submitted to the Risk Management and your Supervisor immediately. 

If your regular department can accommodate your restrictions, you will report to work as usual.  If not, you must contact the Risk Management to seek an opportunity for a temporary light duty assignment.  

Please note that MABE will not cover time off if you fail to seek a temporary light duty assignment.

Insurance Company

Workers' Compensation insurance carrier for workplace injuries is

Maryland Association for Boards of Education (MABE)
621 Ridgely Ave, Suite 301
Annapolis, MD 21401
(410) 841-5414
Fax: (410) 841-5424

Maryland Workers' Compensation Commission

Details on current Maryland law, policy, etc. can be found at