Butterfly Ridge Elementary School Redistricting Study:
Community Engagement Schedule

Throughout the entire project, FCPS will engage the school communities in meaningful activities that allow the parents to fully participate in the redistricting process. There will be many opportunities for the school communities to provide input at key points throughout the study. In addition, at every stage of the redistricting study, staff will provide detailed information and regular updates via public meetings, project web page and social media. FCPS is committed to giving the stakeholders a voice in the redistricting process.

Our approach to community engagement is structured to not only effectively disseminate information to the affected stakeholders, but also to bring the community together to provide an opportunity to share their ideas and unique perspectives. A communication plan will be created that is designed to engage our stakeholders and create mechanisms for effective interaction. That, in turn, will help to make the school communities an integral part of the redistricting process.

Your input is important! Please view the listing of round three meetings and find one near you to participate.

Project Timeline

Image of the BRES Redistricting Study Timeline Graph