Three community meetings were held in late September and early October 2016 to introduce the study to the three school communities that will be most impacted by the creation of the new Butterfly Ridge attendance area. Supervisor of Facilities Planning Beth Pasierb and consultant Matt Cropper of Cropper GIS gave a presentation on the purpose of the study, factors that FCPS staff and the Board of Education will consider in the study, project process, and some of the initial data that has been collected (see Background Report for more details).

Below are materials from the meeting that took place at Hillcrest Elementary School. Spanish translations of these files are available below.

The meeting participants were asked to place three stickers on posters with the ten redistricting study factors to indicate which of the factors are most important to them. As shown in the figure below, educational welfare of students, impact on neighborhoods and communities, proximity to schools for efficient transportation, and student academic performance were the factors ranked the highest by the meeting participants from the three meetings combined. Attendees of the Waverley meeting were most concerned about proximity to schools for efficient transportation. Hillcrest meeting attendees were most concerned about educational welfare of students. Orchard Grove meeting attendees were most concerned about student academic performance.

Board of Education Redistricting Goals - Dot Exercise Graph

Participants were also given a survey card which asked “What is your greatest hope for the redistricting study?” and “What is your greatest concern for the redistricting study?” There were many different hopes and concerns. A sample of quotes is shown in the word art below created from the survey responses. The themes that came up most frequently were balance of demographic factors, maintaining students’ ability to walk to school, and decreasing overcrowding so that portable classrooms can be removed.


  • My hope is that the children that are in the portables go to the new school, with all the new houses that are been built I hope there is enough room without portables.
  • Improved classroom sizes to allow smaller class sizes.
  • Students will be best served by a group of strong community based schools with the resources to serve a diverse population.
  • A greater balance in all schools concerned.
  • I want everything to be ok for my daughter.
  • This new school helps our children and change or better the future of our children.
  • Fairness considering demographics and walkability for families.
  • I hope that you take into consideration the community that walk to school, this is a way to save money because they won’t have to take the bus to the new school.


  • My greatest concern is that the immigrant population will be left behind in the redistricting efforts.
  • Concerned about projections for population not being aligned with new plans.
  • The academic quality of all the schools will suffer within the study area while leaving other area untouched.
  • The changes of location and the change of friends at new school and staff. Since my son will be basically new at that school.
  • I am worry that the poor children are going to stay and the ones that are better off will go to the new school.
  • The security of my child, and the transportation because we live closer to Waverley.