NOVEMBER 15-21, 2016

The second round of meetings was held in mid-November at Hillcrest Elementary, Orchard Grove Elementary, and Tuscarora Elementary. At these meetings, we shared a map with potential new attendance areas as a discussion starter. Participants worked in groups to identify what they liked and disliked about the potential new attendance areas and could suggest changes. Several maps showing background information were available for reference.

The discussion starter map and other reference maps are posted below. The new potential attendance areas are just a discussion starter and are not intended to be a proposed option. We would like to hear what you like or dislike about the discussion starter attendance boundaries. Your feedback will help us prepare 3 or 4 options to be reviewed during the third round of meetings (see above). Please send us your comments via email to BRES.Redistrict@fcps.org

Please note that most of the maps below show small areas outlined with a dashed line with a label such as “PB10 24.” The “PB 10” is an identification number for each “planning block.” The “24” or other number found below the planning block id is the number of elementary students that live in that planning block. If you would like to suggest changes to the boundaries as shown in the discussion starter, please reference the planning block that you would like to move from one attendance area to another.

Discussion Starter Map: a first attempt to create a new attendance area for the new Butterfly Ridge Elementary School as a way to begin the conversation. This discussion starter does not address all the factors identified in Policy 200 that must be considered when redistricting.  It is only an example of revised boundaries that balances enrollments and is a place to start the discussion.  Each color represents existing attendance areas. The heavy black lines indicate the new proposed attendance area boundaries.

Discussion Starter Data: a handout including data on the capacity of each school, number of students living in each existing attendance area, and number of students living in the discussion starter attendance areas. ASpanish version is also available.

Policy 200 Redistricting Factors: the Board of Education’s ten factors to be considered in a redistricting study (not in priority order). These factors should be balanced but some may compete with one another. A Spanish version is also available.

Existing Attendance Areas: a map of the existing attendance areas with planning blocks and the number of elementary students (prek-5th grade) who live in each block.

Walk Areas: this map has black crosshatched areas identifying current walk areas for existing elementary schools. The green crosshatching shows the potential walk area for the new Butterfly Ridge elementary school (based on distance only – the Transportation Department will determine the actual walk area later after evaluating the safety of the walking routes).

Middle School Impact: this map shows the discussion starter elementary attendance areas in colors. The black lines indicate the existing middle school attendance boundaries. In this instance, the discussion starter would lead to several split feeders if the discussion starter is not revised or if the middle school boundaries are not revised. 

Development Data: this map shows residential developments that are actively constructing in pink. The blue shapes are developments that have been approved but may not start construction for several years. Each development is labeled with the number of projected elementary students from that proposed development.

Round 2 Meeting Comments

FCPS staff received many helpful comments during the second round of meetings. The following list is a sample of comments that represents opinions expressed by many of the meeting participants:

  • The focus should be these 2 schools (Hillcrest and Waverley) because they are overpopulated. I missed work to be in all the meetings and fought for this new school, it is not fair that others come now without knowing what has been going on.
  • Need to look at shifting some outer areas to other districts like looking at Tuscarora, Parkway, Valley, Carroll Manor, Myersville, and Middletown ES.
  • When there are a lot of kids in a school they have to use portables and they are not as safe as the regular classes in the school because of the weather and other issues.
  • Academic performance is a concern.
  • The discussion starter map has no socioeconomic diversity.
  • We need to have equity in diversity, economic and otherwise. For example, don’t put all FARM students in Hllcrest ES.
  • Keep communities together. Don’t divide neighborhoods or feeders.
  • We request for Orchard Grove ES to continue to have their walkers walk.