After reviewing historical documents, property information and over 250 name suggestions submitted by community members, the School Name Recommendation Committee brought three name recommendations for the new west-Frederick area elementary school to the Board of Education for consideration at their meeting on January 28, 2015.


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Senior Project Manager

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BRES First Floor Plan


BRES Second Floor Plan

The Board voted to name the new elementary school “Butterfly Ridge Elementary School.” This name was brought forth by the recommendation committee because of Butterfly Lane, the existing road that defines the edge of the school site. “Butterfly” was also a popular suggestion among community members during both rounds of community engagement associated with the naming process.

FCPS and the School Name Recommendation Committee would like to thank all those who submitted name suggestions or feedback during the naming process!

Read more about the BOE policy about naming schools: Policy 201 (Adobe PDF File, opens in new window). 

The western portion of the city of Frederick between Route 40 and I-70 is one of the fastest growing areas in Frederick County. The new Butterfly Ridge Elementary School will address the growing population of the area by relieving overcrowding and balancing enrollment at Hillcrest, Orchard Grove and Waverley elementary schools. The new school is being designed by architects Grimm and Parker, the same firm responsible for the design of the new North Frederick Elementary School, which will serve as a prototype for this project. The prototype will be modified to accommodate Title 1 programs at the new school. The school will be located on Butterfly Lane, opposite of McCain Drive (view a site map here). 


Location: Butterfly Ridge Elementary School will be built on the Hargett Farm property located on the south side of Butterfly Lane, opposite McCain Drive. View a site map here.

Capacity: 725 students, pre-K- 5th grade

  1. Project Scope / Description
    1. No Change
    2. Project Square Footage – 102,158 sf
  2. Project Schedule
    1. Design - Complete
    2. Construction
      1. Bid – January 2017
      2. Construction – April 2017 – June 2018
      3. Substantial Completion June 30, 2018.
      4. Occupancy – August 2018
    3. Project Completion – December 31, 2018
  3. Project Budget
    1. Total Project Budget – TBA Million
    2. Construction Budget – TBA Million
  4. Current Status
    1. Construction Phase 1 began on April 1, 2017 and Substantial Completion was obtained on 6/30/18
    2. Construction Phase 2 began on July 1, 2017 and Substantial Completion was obtained on 6/30/18
    3. Received Permanent Certificate of Occupancy on July 3, 2018
    4. Construction Completion is at 99%
      1. Civil – Site Work - Complete
      2. Architectural - Complete
      3. Structural - Complete
      4. Mechanical - Complete
      5. Electrical – Complete
      6. Performing Punch List activities
      7. Project Close-Out process is nearing completion
        1. Demonstrations and Trainings
        2. Operation and Maintenance Manuals
        3. As Built Documents
    5. Furniture and Equipment is being delivered and set in place

You can check out the Frequently Asked Questions page for this project. You can also submit your questions and feedback by emailing FCPS.facilities@fcps.org