Frederick High School

Frederick High School


Phase I: Feasibility Study Completed

The first step in the modernization of Frederick High was to perform a Feasibility Study. The purpose of the feasibility study was to identify school facility renovation/modernization needs and the cost of meeting those needs.

Scope of Study
The study mapped out all available options for the project, including renovation of the existing school; partial demolition, addition and renovation; complete demolition and replacement of the school on the same site as the existing building; and complete demolition and replacement of the school at another site on the school’s property. The study, which was conducted by Baltimore-based architectural firm GWWO, Inc., considered Frederick High's educational program, the physical condition of the existing building, local and state regulations, the costs and benefits of each option, the length of construction time, and the needs of the school community during renovation/modernization. The study also weighed the many unique features of Frederick High’s building and property and its historical significance.

At its February 13, 2013 meeting, the Board of Education voted unanimously to approve the FHS Feasibility Study final report and the steering committee's recommendation to move forward with the option known as Option 5. This option called for the complete replacement of Frederick High School on the existing parking lot. Students will remain in the current building until the new one is constructed. They will then move to the new facility and the old building will be demolished. The approved location and orientation of this new building is very close/similar to the existing building.

Superintendent Dr. Alban received a letter from the Maryland Public School Construction Program agreeing with the decision made by the Board of Education to proceed with Option 5. Read the letter here.

Community Involvement
During the study phase and throughout the entire project, FCPS worked closely with the community to not only provide detailed information and regular updates on the project, but also to gather input and ideas.