Waverley Elementary School Feasibility Study Community Input

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  1. Comments from Staff Survey
  2. Community Survey and Comments from December 11 Community Meeting
  3. Comments from January 11 Community Meeting

Staff Survey

A survey was provided to Waverley staff at a staff meeting on December 7, 2017. A total of seventeen staff members participated. Responses below have been paraphrased and duplicates eliminated.

What do you like about your school?

  • Students, staff, parents
  • I love our smaller class sizes-SO IMPORTANT for our students
  • The coziness and open classrooms. Individual adult bathrooms
  • Exposed bricks and big windows
  • I like the students but don’t like the building
  • New security measures
  • Location

What improvements would make your teaching environments better?

  • Enclosed classrooms with doors that lock
  • More EL classrooms
  • All classrooms inside the building
  • Improvements to the HVAC system – every room is either too hot or too cold
  • More small group space
  • More office space
  • More closets
  • Space for co-teaching
  • Water fountain in the gym
  • Sinks in classrooms
  • Classrooms designed with change in mind
  • Technology upgrades
  • More windows
  • Classrooms designed for two teachers teaching in one space
  • Thorough cleaning

What suggestions do you have on rearranging the spaces or areas within the school?

  • Wing for specials
  • Areas for each grade with classrooms near each other
  • More space for music, art, band, gym, media
  • More meeting and conference rooms, space for professional learning
  • Small rooms for offices or small group instruction
  • A bathroom in each classroom
  • Space for carts of teachers who move throughout the building
  • STEM/tech lab
  • Calming room
  • Space for a school store
  • Auditorium
  • Walking path around the building for nature walks
  • Workroom with desk space for instructional assistants
  • More welcoming lobby
  • Display area for Waverley history and student work
  • No open walls
  • Designated kiln room and art storage closet
  • Computer labs
  • Community room for educational classes and evening programs
  • Updated staff lounge

What are your concerns on supervision, noise, access, and adjacencies within the school’s current layout?

  • Fence doesn’t go around playground
  • Open classrooms are too noisy and make teaching difficult
  • Lack of sound barrier in stage where band is taught
  • Having to share equipment and supplies
  • Projectors need to be mounted on ceilings and classrooms need space for more computers
  • Students in portable classrooms lose instructional time because they have to travel farther to bathrooms and they aren’t adequately supervised
  • Additional cameras are needed around the portable bathroom
  • Teachers in the portable classrooms feel disconnected
  • If the school becomes too large the staff won’t be able to maintain relationships with one another as well
  • The current building is noisy and there is no privacy for the kids

What improvements do you suggest for the exterior layout and surrounding site (parking, traffic patterns, play areas)?

  • Staff parking in the back, visitor parking up front, more parking
  • It would be nice to have a traffic pattern where buses and cars do not interfere with one another
  • It would be nice to have our own fenced playgrounds for multiple grades that are not shared with the community for safety reasons
  • Add a garden area
  • Designated walking paths for students to get to school so they don’t have to cross parking lots
  • Two flag poles
  • A track for PE and running club would be a great addition

Community Survey and Comments from December 11 Community Meeting

These questions were asked at the community meeting held on December 11, 2017. Participants discussed these questions in small groups and also had the opportunity to write answers on paper surveys. An online survey was also available from December 15, 2017 to January 5, 2018. A total of 35 paper surveys and 33 online surveys were completed. A summary of the responses is available in the presentation from second community meeting (English) (view presentation in Spanish). Responses below have been paraphrased and duplicates eliminated.

What do you like about your school?

  • The school is very in-tune with families in the community
  • Staff, teachers, caring, community programs/outreaches
  • I like that the Parent Teacher Association makes efforts to improve the school and for children to be motivated to go to school and to learn
  • The connection that exists among parents, teachers and especially students. The effort displayed by teachers when instructing our children.  The administration changes carried out have caused extraordinary changes. Our children in general, are the future of our nation and they deserve more and more an environment as the one this school offers them
  • The quality of teachers and for our children to feel that this is their family, that’s what Waverley means to them; I also like the communication between parents and teachers and the activities that make us know and respect each other
  • The teachers and the way they treat their students
  • The education given at the school
  • The location of our school is walking distance from my house and streets are calm
  • Bullying is not allowed
  • This is a school where people are united
  • I like the natural lighting in the classrooms, the technology that we currently have access to, the wall space in the hallway to hang up student work
  • It is big and colorful and a great learning environment
  • Surveillance and lighting

What about your school would you like to improve or change?

  • Too many portables, not enough teaching space in general
  • Lack of space for intervention groups and outside therapists
  • Current technology doesn’t support the software we need
  • Expand cafeteria and gym areas
  • Add sensory room
  • Create outdoor learning spaces
  • Equipment is old and breaks frequently – pipes have burst and we have power outages
  • More bathrooms
  • It is difficult having the Pre-K program in the Rock Creek building, especially in terms of walking those students to school
  • Enclosed classrooms are needed, bigger classrooms
  • More storage is needed – we have to store materials in all areas including the stage
  • Enclosed library
  • The school is severely overcrowded.  I do not feel comfortable that my first grade child uses a portable restroom outside of the school building while attending class in a portable
  • A music room for students to practice and play their instruments
  • Safer playground area and age appropriate equipment, more trees
  • Exterior doors are rusted out at the bottom
  • The building isn’t clean and things are broken
  • Add a school/community center, provide more space for parents and staff to gather to encourage involvement and openness
  • More natural lighting
  • The attendance boundary newly established by the BOE needs to be fixed. Students who live across the street should not have to be bused to an adjacent school
  • Traffic flow needs to be improved, better parking
  • Add areas for staff to plan and collaborate
  • Improve the heating and cooling system
  • Modernize the building

How do you use your school?

  • Workplace
  • Working with students in small groups and individually
  • Attend community functions and meetings, PTA meetings
  • Watch students grow and learn
  • Learning
  • I give as much of my classroom space as I can to my students, so they have room to create and learn (and play/move). I also try to use my classroom as a planning space for my team and a few committees I lead. I use other areas in the building for storage, as well as to access resources
  • I use my building to attend professional learning opportunities and meetings
  • Rehearsals and performances
  • Voting
  • In every way
  • Receiving English lessons

What would you want a new school to be like?

  • Enough capacity for all current and future students to be inside the building
  • No more portables
  • Enough space for all activities and meetings, including parent programs
  • A school with two floors to hold more children
  • Private spaces for children to meet with a therapist
  • Twenty-first century design that is energy independent and uses solar
  • Natural lighting
  • Extended learning areas and outside class environment
  • Student-scaled environment
  • More staff and teachers, especially more ELL teachers
  • Larger offices for administration and counselors
  • Larger library that is enclosed, larger classrooms, larger gym, larger infirmary
  • No metal fence
  • More spaces for small groups
  • More field space and green spaces
  • Areas for indoor recess
  • Improved safety, more surveillance cameras
  • A greater variety of food for our children
  • A prettier, more comfortable facility
  • We need a school that has a dual-language program/classes. It is a child's right to speak another language (their native language)
  • More learning opportunities
  • Individual bathrooms inside classrooms, more bathrooms
  • A larger cafeteria
  • More playgrounds and fields
  • More space for music
  • Better lunch
  • Updated technology
  • A locker for each child
  • More space so the children will feel more at ease, wider corridors
  • More programs and sports
  • More buses

What are the benefits to students when the community also uses the school?

  • It would be good for to have more English classes for parents and dedicated space so that we don’t interrupt the work being done by our children
  • We would like to have a clinic so we can take better care of the children
  • The community becomes more invested in public education, potential for engagement/volunteering/parternships increase
  • It would be a safe place to participate in activities and programs
  • It builds a safe and exciting community, everyone feels a stake in it
  • Students benefit from after-school programs or parent programs that we cannot hold anywhere else in the community
  • Parents also need a library
  • Children will have more opportunities to achieve learning in different ways
  • They can see the union between the parents and the school

What are safety considerations (in terms of community access)?

  • It would be good to have a gate on the driveway
  • A better crossing guard, safe walking paths
  • Security guards or presence of law enforcement to help keep the community safe
  • Hours of access need to be considered
  • Intentionally separating certain areas for after-hours access by the community
  • Monitoring who’s in the building during school hours, more surveillance cameras
  • Good lighting outside, more natural light inside
  • We are very concerned about the health concerns a portable has, mold and kids with asthma are affected
  • Consider pedestrians in parking lot design
  • Administration office near main entrance
  • A fence around the school

Which areas of the school should be accessible to the community?

  • None, unless they have a validated reason for being here
  • Playground, sports field
  • Community areas within the school
  • No areas of school should be accessible to the community. The school is located in the area with gang activity, and we want to protect our students and staff the best we can. I think the playgrounds in school, also, should not be accessible to the community
  • I believe that creating a community space where our community could interact with our liaison and get help and advice could be really valuable. The community is very important to this school so if there was a bigger space with more resources, I think that would be extremely valuable. Perhaps even a place that families could receive job coaching, review resumes, things like that would be incredible
  • The main office and lobby
  • The cafeteria after hours
  • Gym
  • The parks and recs areas of other schools are a great resource to a community
  • All at given times
  • Library and computer labs
  • Community health center
  • Parking lots
  • All of it.  However, there should be ways to lock wings not in use in a given evening for safety and security
  • A police station

What/how do you want students to be learning in the year 2030?

  • Children must continue to read
  • Bilingual education
  • Students will have connections with parents and the community
  • Small class size and classrooms
  • Improved security systems with surveillance cameras and metal detectors
  • More computer learning and more technology, access to the internet, each student must have a computer
  • Satellite learning
  • Teachers will teach kids how to learn and how to build self confidence
  • Teachers will be more patient with children and give them more opportunities to learn; likewise, children will be motivated to study more
  • Parents and teachers will confide more in each other
  • Improved curriculum
  • Students will work on more projects in their classes
  • Our students will have the best education and will remember the nice time they spent here when they become adults
  • An anti-bullying program
  • Students will study comfortably in a large and safe school
  • Students must learn more technical subjects
  • Improved classrooms
  • Bathrooms inside
  • Students will get all the materials they need to progress in their education
  • More English teachers
  • I want children to be taught everything that is new about technology
  • Using modern technology but not using that as a replacement for the basics, learning computation, being able to write legibly learning how to spell without always relying on spellcheck
  • I would like for student learning to be more integrated with the larger community and outdoor spaces
  • Hands-on, blended with technology, and engaged at all time
  • Students will learn how to think critically
  • Student collaboration between grade levels
  • Less common core
  • I would hope our students have been empowered as leaders and feel confident as stakeholders in the operation of our school. I would like to see them setting and managing their learning goals in cooperation with their teachers. I would also like to see more student driven projects in addition to developmentally appropriate standards
  • Collaborative self paced fullly accessed to global community
  • Students will be healthy and well
  • More teachers for fewer students and a bigger school
  • More technology and better resources

Comments from January 11 Community Meeting

At the Initial Options Presentation on January 11, 2018, community members had the opportunity to view site layouts for several different options. The following comments were shared at the site layout stations. A handout with five questions was also distributed to attendees (see responses below) and a total of 80 people responded.

Site Layout Comments

  • Building Layout
    • Need to provide adequate community use space
    • Bigger area may need more surveillance
    • Compact floor plan provides better access for Special Ed teaching
    • Larger building could lead to too many students in the future
    • Smaller ground floor footprint will not make the building feel like a high school
    • 2-story building would be difficult for teachers to maneuver with mobile carts
    • Adult use restrooms should be provided in all parts of the school
  • Site Plan
    • Green space vs hardscape surfaces
    • Parking close to the street rather than far into site is preferable
    • Play field at the back of the site away from the entrance drive is better
    • Outdoor congregation space – play and evacuation areas may be shared
    • Building at back of the site would be more of a distance for the walkers from the East side of the site
    • Location of building in proximity to surrounding homes – provide adequate distance away for safety, sound
  • Process comments and questions
    • Costs – is it less expensive to build new?
    • Length of construction – the shorter the better
    • Redistricting – fears of being relocated
    • When do Rock Creek Students get relocated and where are they going?

Questionnaire Responses

Do you prefer a large school or a small school?

  • Large School = 71 (89%)
  • Small School = 9 (11%)

Do you want to keep your existing school and renovate it or do you want a replacement school?

  • Renovate = 17 (21%)
  • Replace = 63 (79%)

Is it worthwhile to you to reuse parts of the Waverley or Rock Creek building even if construction will take an additional 6 to 12 months?

  • Yes = 46 (57%) *note, some of the Yes responses also preferred a Replacement school in Question #2
  • No = 31 (39%)
  • Depends = 3 (4%)

Do you prefer the building to be closer to the street or closer to the back of the site (near the homes)?

  • Close to street = 34 (42%)
  • Back by homes = 39 (49%)
  • In the middle / no preference = 7 (9%)

Do you prefer parking near the street or behind the building?

  • Near the street = 34 (43%)
  • Behind the building = 35 (44%)
  • Both sides = 4 (5%)
  • No response, no preference = 7 (9%)

Do you like the idea of a more spread-out one-story building or a more compact two-story building?

  • One-story = 24.5 (31%)
  • Two-story = 54.5 (68%)
  • “PreK – 2nd Grades, 1-story. 3 – 5th Grades, 2-story” = 1 (1%)