Waverley Project Archive

Feasibility Study

Final Report and BOE Recommendations

The Waverley Feasibility Study Team completed its study of the school’s needs and options for modernization, and presented to the Board of Education on April 11, 2018. View the final report here.


FCPS conducted a feasibility study in Fall 2017 to determine the best way to modernize and expand Waverley Elementary School. The purpose of the study was to identify school renovation needs, additional space needs, options for meeting the needs, and estimated costs for each option.

During the feasibility study, staff worked with a consultant to consider several options:

  • Renovate and expand the current building
  • Replace the current building with a larger new building
  • Renovate the current building and the existing Rock Creek building

The team considered the school’s new capacity. The Board of Education’s approved size for an elementary school is 725 students. Because of the growth that is happening in the Waverley area and the lack of other school sites, the team also considered a building that can seat approximately 1,020 students with a co-principal model for the administration.

Feasibility Study Process

This study was the first step in the process to modernize and expand Waverley Elementary School. The Feasibility Study started in November 2017 and concluded in March 2018. All staff team meetings were open to the public and were also videotaped and posted on the FCPS website. Three community meetings were held at Waverley. Information about all meetings can be found on the Meetings webpage.

In order to determine the best way to modernize Waverley, the team considered the existing building’s physical condition, the building’s ability to provide space for our current educational programs and the community’s vision for the school. Our architecture consultant team led by Marks Thomas provided conceptual layouts for the options listed above and the team and community had several opportunities to provide feedback.

Community Engagement

The feasibility study team organized several ways for the community to provide input on the future of Waverley Elementary School. Waverley Elementary staff were given a short presentation and survey on December 7, 2017. A Community Visioning Meeting was held on December 11, 2017 and the community was invited to discuss priorities for the project and provide verbal and written comments. A survey was available online from December 15, 2017 to January 5, 2018. A presentation of initial options was given on January 11, 2018. Community members filled out surveys on specific aspects of the building and site and had opportunities to share what they liked or disliked about the initial options. The final presentation of options were held on Thursday, March 8, 2018. View community feedback here.