FCPS 2018 Teacher of the Year Finalists

photo of Melissa Hargreaves

Melissa Hargreaves
Myersville Elementary

photo of Julie Ivins

Julie Ivins
North Frederick Elementary

photo of Margie Liddick

Margie Liddick
Career & Technology Center

photo of Timothy Snyder

Timothy M. Snyder
Urbana Middle

2018 FCPS Teacher of the Year Nominees

Elementary Schools

photo of Alyssa Pilarcik

Alyssa Pilarcik
Ballenger Creek Elementary

photo of Tina Bennett

Tina Bennett
Brunswick Elementary

photo of Bethany Ray

Bethany Ray
Carroll Manor Elementary

photo of Jennifer Cofone

Jennifer Cofone
Centerville Elementary

photo of Stephanie Happel

Stephanie Happel
Deer Crossing Elementary

photo of Melissa Kearchner

Melissa Kearchner
Emmitsburg Elementary

Photo of Tara Miller

Tara Miller
Glade Elementary

photo of Marilyn Holman

Marilyn Holman
Green Valley Elementary

photo of LeeAnne Guessford

LeeAnne Guessford
Hillcrest Elementary

photo of Kelly Forsythe

Kelly Forsythe
Kemptown Elementary

photo of Heather Burgess

Heather Burgess
Lewistown Elementary

photo of Amy Wildberger

Amy Wildberger
Liberty Elementary

photo of Sarah Presnell

Sarah Presnell
Lincoln Elementary

photo of Betty Pasternak

Betty Pasternak
Middletown Elementary

photo of Katie Bittle

Katie Bittle
Middletown Primary

photo of Emily Nauman

Emily Nauman
Monocacy Elementary

photo of Melissa Hargreaves

Melissa Hargreaves
Myersville Elementary

photo of Kimberly Benson

Kimberley Benson
New Market Elementary

photo of Lindsay Tokar

Lindsay Tokar
New Midway/Woodsboro

photo of Julie Ivins

Julie Ivins
North Frederick Elementary

photo of Jodie Sweeney

Jodie Sweeney
North Frederick Elementary

photo of Alison Stumpfig

Alison Stumpfig
Oakdale Elementary

photo of Michelle Venable

Michelle Venable
Oakdale Elementary

photo of Michelle Ramarge

Michelle Ramarge
Orchard Grove Elementary

photo of Alicia Krauss

Alicia Krauss
Parkway Elementary

photo of Barbara Doney

Barbara Doney
Sabillasille Elementary

photo of Lori Titus

Lori Titus
Spring Ridge Elementary

photo of Jennifer Young

Jennifer Young
Thurmont Elementary

photo of Christopher Barnhart

Christopher Barnhart
Thurmont Primary

photo of Carrie Houghton

Carrie Houghton
Tuscarora Elementary

photo of Karalee Nagel

Karalee Nagel
Twin Ridge Elementary

photo of Faith Humerick

Faith Humerick
Urbana Elementary

photo of Monica Grisez

Monica Grisez
Valley Elementary

photo of Emily Hood

Emily Hood
Walkersville Elementary

photo of Lana Dayhoff

Lana Dayhoff
Waverley Elementary

photo of Dionna Polite

Dionna Polite
Whittier Elementary

photo of Christina Konstantas

Christina Konstantas
Whittier Elementary

photo of Kelsey VanHook

Kelsey Van Hook
Whittier Elementary

photo of Sylvia Macierowski

Sylvia Macierowski
Wolfsville Elementary

photo of Heather Hyatt

Heather Hyatt
Yellow Springs Elementary




Middle Schools


photo of Debra Bauleke

Debra Bauleke
Ballenger Creek Middle

photo of Christine Botker

Christine Botker
Brunswick Middle

photo of Alexander Reifer

Alexander Reifer
Crestwood Middle

photo of Adam Crone

Adam Crone
Crestwood Middle

photo of Jennifer Fleming

Jennifer Fleming
Crestwood Middle

photo of Jacquelyn Wilson

Jacquelyn Wilson
Frederick Classical Charter

photo of Lauren Galla

Lauren Galla
Governor Thomas Johnson Middle

photo of Cynthia Cregar

Cynthia Cregar
Middletown Middle

photo of Kristin Ecton

Kristin Ecton
Monocacy Middle

photo of Rebecca Lehman

Rebecca Lehman
Monocacy Middle

photo of Lori Dubbs

Lori Dubbs
New Market Middle

photo of Denise West

Denise West
Oakdale Middle

photo of Mary Lee Quealy

Mary Lee Quealy
Thurmont Middle

photo of Timothy Snyder

Timothy Snyder
Urbana Middle School

photo of Lori Hesen

Lori Hesen
Walkersville Middle

photo of Emily Koogle

Emily Koogle
West Frederick Middle

photo of Peter Skopek

Petr Skopek
Windsor Knolls Middle



High Schools


photo of Stacey Bentley

Stacey Bentley
Brunswick High

photo of Margie Liddick

Margie Liddick
Career & Technology Center

photo of Katherine Mills

Katherine Mills
Catoctin High

photo of Kelli Green

Kelli Green
Frederick High

photo of Christine Chadwick

Christine Chadwick
Governor Thomas Johnson High

photo of Natalie Rebetsky

Natalie Rebetsky
Linganore High

photo of Scott Bean

Scott Bean
Middletown High

photo of Cary Frey

Cary Frey
Oakdale High

photo of Nicole Dills

Nicole Dills
Tuscarora High

photo of Elizabeth McCook

Elizabeth McCook
Urbana High

photo of Laura Oswald

Laura Oswald
Walkersville High


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