2019 FCPS Teacher of the Year

2019-2020 Teacher of the Year Michael Franklin,
Physical Education Teacher, Catoctin High School

photo of 2019-2020 Teacher of the Year and extended family
2019-2020 FCPS Teacher of the Year Michael Franklin with (left to right) his children Haylee Bentley, Kaylee Franklin, and Kathan Franklin, his wife, Kristie Franklin, and his parents Phyllis and Ed Franklin

2019 FCPS Teacher of the Year Finalists

photo of Leslie Byrd

Leslie Byrd
Linganore High

photo of Michael Franklin

Michael Franklin
Catoctin High

photo of Lydia Kowalski

Lydia Kowalski
Tuscarora High

photo of Matthew McVay

Matthew McVay
Monocacy Middle

photo of John Yoho

John Yoho
Brunswick High


FCPS 2019 Teacher of the Year Nominees

Elementary Schools

photo of Elizabeth Cangemi

Elizabeth Cangemi
Ballenger Creek Elementary

photo of Shane Price

Shane Price
Brunswick Elementary

photo of Erin Coffey

Erin Coffey
Butterfly Ridge Elementary

photo of Melissa Monn

Melissa Monn
Carroll Manor Elementary

photo of Dylane White

Dylane White
Centerville Elementary

photo of Erin Highling

Erin Highling
Deer Crossing Elementary

photo of Jill Whitmoyer

Jill Whitmoyer
Emmitsburg Elementary

photo of Zachary Little

Zachary Little
Glade Elementary

photo of Celeste Harris

Celeste Harris
Green Valley Elementary

photo of Stephanie Santineli

Stephanie Santineli
Hillcrest Elementary

photo of Stephanie Miller

Stephanie Miller
Kemptown Elementary

photo of Kaitlyn Graybill

Kaitlyn Graybill
Lewistown Elementary

photo of Jaclyn Wood

Jaclyn Wood
Liberty Elementary

photo of Kimberly Martin

Kimberly Martin
Lincoln Elementary

photo of Abbe Harman

Abbe Harman
Middletown Elementary

photo of Jacqueline Grimm

Jacqueline Grimm
Middletown Primary

photo of Janet Henry

Janet Henry
Monocacy Elementary

photo of Sally Miller

Sally Miller
Myersville Elementary

photo of Riley Kocher

Riley Kocher
New Market Elementary

photo of Teresa Aulthouse

Teresa Aulthouse
New Midway/Woodsboro Elementary

photo of Kaitlyn Winfield

Kaitlyn Winfield
North Frederick Elementary

photo of Lynn Gibbons

Lynn Gibbons
Oakdale Elementary

photo of Jamie Oxenford

Jamie Oxenford
Oakdale Elementary

photo of Lindsay Crable

Lindsay Crable
Orchard Grove Elementary

photo of Robert Wolfe

Robert Wolfe
Parkway Elementary

photo of Kelly Boutin

Kelly Boutin
Sabillasville Elementary

photo of Kimberly Brandenburg

Kimberly Brandenburg
Spring Ridge Elementary

photo of Brittani Rogers

Brittani Rogers
Thurmont Elementary

photo of Karen Yoder

Karen Yoder
Thurmont Primary

photo of Jamie Hawk

Jamie Hawk
Tuscarora Elementary

photo of Brittany Blankenship

Brittany Blankenship
Twin Ridge Elementary

photo of Joanne Rivard

Joanne Rivard
Urbana at Sugarloaf Elementary

photo of Amy Stone

Amy Stone
Valley Elementary

photo of Cheryl Havenstein

Cheryl Havenstein
Walkersville Elementary

photo of Kara Garruto

Kara Garruto
Waverley Elementary

photo of Sara Little

Sara Little
Whittier Elementary

photo of Gretchen Keary

Gretchen Keary
Wolfsville Elementary

photo of Amanda McCole

Amanda McCole
Yellow Springs Elementary


Middle Schools

photo of Christine Brown

Christine Brown
Ballenger Creek Middle

photo of Ashley Benitez-Smith

Ashley Benitez-Smith
Brunswick Middle

photo of Donna Howard

Donna Howard
Brunswick Middle

photo of Emily Mitchell

Emily Mitchell
Crestwood Middle

photo of Jean Makusky

Jean Makusky
Crestwood Middle

photo of Karen Cole

Karen Cole
Governor Thomas Johnson Middle

photo of Christina Moats

Christina Moats
Middletown Middle

photo of Matthew McVay

Matthew McVay
Monocacy Middle

photo of Sarah Lafferty

Sarah Lafferty
New Market Middle

photo of Sherry Beach

Sherry Beach
Oakdale Middle

photo of Michael Brown

Michael Brown
Thurmont Middle

photo of Victoria Clark

Victoria Clark
Urbana Middle

photo of Shabana Sayed

Shabana Sayed
Walkersville Middle

photo of Lindsey Weller

Lyndsey Weller
West Frederick Middle

photo of Ullysa Martinez

Ulyssa Martinez
Windsor Knolls Middle


High Schools

photo of John Yoho

John Yoho
Brunswick High

photo of Michael Franklin

Michael Franklin
Catoctin High

photo of Catharine Altomare

Catharine Altomare
Frederick High

photo of Robert Small

Robert Small
Governor Thomas Johnson High

photo of Leslie Byrd

Leslie Byrd
Linganore High

photo of Alisa Gibson

Alisa Gibson
Middletown High

photo of Lauren Graziano

Lauren Graziano
Oakdale High

photo of Michael Gough

Michael Gough
Oakdale High

photo of Lydia Kowalski

Lydia Kowalski
Tuscarora High

photo of Hector Ayerdiz

Hector Ayerdiz
Urbana High

photo of Alexander Loy

Alexander Loy
Walkersville High


Special Schools

photo of Adam Frank

Adam Frank
Career & Technology Center

photo of Mary Shea

Mary Shea
Frederick Classical Charter

photo of Aimee Smith

Aimee Smith
Heather Ridge

photo of Ashley Madden

Ashley Madden
Monocacy Valley Montessori

photo of Katelyn Smith

Katelyn Smith
Rock Creek School


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