Business Partnerships

Education and Business Partnerships

Frederick County has a proud history of collaboration between the education and business communities.

In 1998, FCPS developed the EBI Connection – a network of partnerships of education, business and industry based on a community vision for fostering a quality workforce through education. Five years later, the school system celebrated the signing of 200 formal business partnerships since the inception of this program.

The focus of this initial effort has evolved over the years as the school system has refined our vision and strategic goals to meet Frederick County’s business and industry  workforce needs. Today, more than 1,200 community partners collaborate with Frederick County Public Schools in preparing students for success in a changing world.

Business support of public education significantly increases student achievement. Partnership activities allow students to expand their learning horizons, have more interest in school, earn better grades and realize a deeper understanding of their role in society as it relates to becoming productive citizens. The school system’s strength and success are directly linked to the generous contributions of talent and resources from community and business partners.

Read through the Annual Partnership Report to get an idea of the types of relationships FCPS has developed with the business community over the years.

Superintendent's Business Breakfast

We invite business and community leaders to meet once every quarter to discuss issues related to education in Frederick County. FCPS thanks all those who give their time to attend these events, learn more about FCPS, and share their ideas and perspectives.

Incentive Coupons

Local businesses partner with FCPS to offer incentive coupons. Teachers use incentive coupons from local businesses for many reasons, including a way to positively reinforce:

  • Excellent attendance
  • Outstanding academic achievement
  • Good behavior/Character Counts

FCPS Partnership Matrix




Three Types of Partnerships
Partnership Matrix Systemic (At Large) Partnerships
System-wide relationships th at support activities at the district level or at all schools.
Departmental Partnerships
Unique relationships between a business and a curricular area or fcps department; designed to support specific KPIs or student-achievement outcomes.
School Partnerships
One-to-one relationships with individual schools. School partnerships support school improvement plan goals or FCPS strategic plan goals.
Strategic Plan Partners
directly support FCPS strategic plan goals or desired outcomes. Strategic plan partners may also be service or resource partners.
Systemic Strategic Departmental Strategic School Strategic
Service Partners
provide valuable human resources: tutors, mentors, guest speakers, judges, interviewers, volunteers, work study or internship opportunities
Systemic Service Departmental Service School Service
Resource Partners
provide donations of goods or services: gift certificates, achievement incentives, materials and equipment, in-kind or financial donations.
Systemic Resource Departmental Resource School Resource