Support Employee of the Year Award

The FCPS Support Employee of the Year Award program recognizes outstanding members of our first-class support staff.   Awards are presented for eight broad job categories; all support positions are represented by one of the following categories:

Central Office:

  • Business Support (includes Food Service, Transportation office/garage employees, Technology Services)
  • Custodian/Maintenance/Warehouse
  • Secretary


  • Bus Driver
  • Custodian/Maintenance
  • Food Service
  • Instructional & Special Education Assistant/Community Liaison/User Support Specialist
  • Secretary


Program Coordinator:
Michael Doerrer

Communication Services Department
191 S. East Street
Frederick, MD  21701
(301) 644-5013

Support Employee Award Instructions and Application

Deadline For Nominations
Upload a completed nomination package (above) electronically to the Support Employee Award 2019 Nominations Google Drive no later than 3 PM Thursday, March 28, 2019.

Previous Award Winners

From the eight category winners, two will receive an FCPS Support Employee of the Year Award (one school-based and one non-school-based).

The 2018 winners Support Employees of the Year were Roy Baker (school-based) and Cheryl Peters (non-school-based).

The FCPS Communication Services Department coordinates the nomination and selection process for this award. The nomination period is now open.  We welcome nominations from any FCPS employee, current or former students, parents and the general public.

Nominations must be received no later than 3 PM on Thursday, March, 28, 2019.

A panel of FCPS judges will screen the nominations and select finalists.  FCPS cabinet members will notify the finalists in May.  The Superintendent will recognize and present a trophy to each finalist at the Board of Education meeting on June 12, 2019.  During the presentation, the Superintendent will announce the school-based and non-school-based Support Employee of the Year and present each winner with a special award.

How to Nominate a Support Employee
Complete eligibility, nomination criteria, process and selection guidelines are outlined in the Support Employee Award Instructions and Application brochure (also listed under the Resources heading on this page).

Nomination packets must contain all of the following; those that do not will not be considered.

  • The nomination application with the signature of the nominee's principal (school-based employees) or immediate supervisor (non-school-based employees). For bus driver nominations, please ask the school principal to send the nomination form to Linda Orey or Therese Pelicano in Transportation for a signature.
  • A typewritten summary, maximum two pages, explaining how the nominee meets nomination criteria 1-5.  Please number and address each criterion separately, citing examples of how the nominee meets the criterion.
  • At least two letters of support (limit four, no more than one page each).