Security & Emergency Management

An FCPS systemwide goal is that every student learns in a safe and caring environment. Administrators and their crisis teams are trained to prevent, prepare for, respond to and recover from all crisis situations in or near our schools.

Security Responses
Depending on the situation a school may announce:

  • Partial Lockdown – Exterior doors are locked with only authorized access to the building, no students allowed outside unsupervised, activities conducted as usual inside.
  • Lockdown – All doors are locked, no one enters or leaves, students and staff stay inside until crisis situation clears.
  • Shelter in Place – Exterior doors are locked, air handling units are turned off to protect students and staff from a hazardous substance in the air outside.


Security & Emergency Management
191 South East Street
Frederick, MD 21701

Scott Blundell
Supervisor of Security & Emergency Management

Sue Wiles
Administrative Secretary

(301) 696-6808
Fax: (301) 696-6962

  • Evacuation – Students and staff move to an area outside on campus or to an off-campus location.
  • Reverse Evacuation – Students and staff are brought back into the building to protect them from a dangerous situation outside.
  • Drop, Cover and Hold – Each school holds an earthquake drill so students practice dropping to the ground, taking cover under a sturdy desk or table and holding onto something sturdy until shaking stops. Students are taught to carefully exit the building afterward.
  • Severe Weather - During severe weather, such as a tornado, students and staff seek shelter immediately using ground-floor interior hallways. They are brought in from portables and outside activities. They stay away from windows and doors with glass and avoid rooms with free-span ceilings such as gyms and cafeterias.

Safety Plans
For more information about school ­safety plans, contact your school principal or visit these sites:

To learn more about preparing for and responding in a community emergency, check these links:

Health Emergency Links

Gang Awareness

Get Emergency Bulletins
For the fastest, most reliable information, check the ­following:

In a major emergency, FCPS will use every available means of communication to inform families.

Plan Back-up Care
Pre-arrange emergency back-up care for your child in the event that schools close unexpectedly. Teach your child what to do in case you are not at home when school closes, and provide the school with the name and number of someone nearby who is usually available when you are not at home.

After-School Activities
Generally, when schools are closed for reasons of an emergency, school-sponsored after-school and evening activities are canceled or postponed.

Child ID App
The FBI has released a new version if its Child ID App, which provides parents with an easy way to electronically store their children's pictures and vital information to have on hand in case their kids go missing. The information is stored only on your device - not with your mobile provider or the FBI. The Child ID App also includes tips on keeping children safe as well as specific guidance on w hat to do in those first few crucial hours after a child missing. For more information and to download: