Oakdale High School Area Construction

Updated July 20, 2017

Starting in 2017, the developer of the Linganore Town Center development will be completing several major construction projects adjacent to Oakdale High School. The developer’s road improvement projects will have an impact on our school community. The developer will also be doing work to improve the OHS campus in exchange for easements granted by the Board of Education.

Alternative Route: July 17-September 1, 2017

Attention Parents, Students, Coaches, Guests – During the summer, there will be increased construction activity in the vicinity of Oakdale High School, particularly along Old National Pike and Eaglehead Drive while improvements are made to the roadway network.  Please be cautious in traveling to and from Oakdale High School.  In addition, there will be an alternative route as you travel along Old National Pike to access the school when portions of Eaglehead Drive are under construction.

From the East:  Traveling westbound on Old National Pike, approximately 0.2 miles west of Eaglehead Drive, turn right onto Oakdale Village Road, and take the first right onto Hopewell Street. Turn left onto the new OHS driveway to access the school.

From the West:  Traveling Eastbound on Old National Pike, approximately 0.25 miles past Oakdale School Road, turn left onto Oakdale Village Road, and take your first right onto Hopewell Street. Turn left onto the new OHS driveway to access the school.  

As it will be an active construction zone, please abide by all traffic control devices and workers.

OHS Area Construction

Road Projects – Summer 2017

  1. Construction of Hopewell Street: this street will connect the Oakdale Village neighborhood (to the west of OHS) to Eaglehead Drive. Construction is underway and is expected to be complete in mid-July.
  2. Widening of Old National Pike (MD-144) and circle: construction is underway and will widen Old National Pike to add a center turn lane between Oakdale Village Road and the Eaglehead Drive traffic circle. The traffic circle at Eaglehead Drive will be widened to two lanes. Old National Pike will be widened to add a center turn lane from the Eaglehead Drive traffic circle to east of Yeagerstown Road. This work is expected to last until December 2017.
  3. Widening of Eaglehead Drive: construction will start in mid-July. Eaglehead Drive will be widened to a divided roadway from the traffic circle at Old National Pike to the north end of the OHS campus. The section between Old National Pike and Hopewell Street will have two lanes in each direction. The section adjacent to the OHS campus will have one lane in each direction, turn lanes, bike lanes, and parking. A small traffic circle will be installed at the OHS main entrance. Additional crossing features will be installed in several locations. Work on this project is expected to be substantially complete by September 1.

Other Projects

As part of the agreement with the Board of Education, the developer of Linganore Town Center is completing several other improvements on and around the Oakdale High School Campus. The map below depicts these improvements.

  1. Multi-purpose field: the developer will be filling a low-lying area at the north end of campus to provide a small practice field.
  2. Northern Parking Lot and Site Access: between the field and the north end of campus the developer will install a small parking area and a driveway connecting this portion of the site to the teacher parking area.
  3. School Accessibility/Connectivity: the construction of Hopewell Street (see Road Projects above) will provide a safer pedestrian and bicycle route between the two Oakdale school campuses. The Oakdale Village and Linganore Town Center neighborhoods will be able to walk to school.
  4. Southern Parking Lot Access: the developer has installed a driveway from Hopewell Street to the southern student parking area which will help to ease traffic congestion and provide additional ways to enter and exit the campus.
  5. On-street Parking: the developer is providing parallel parking along Eaglehead Drive which will help OHS handle overflow during major events. Parking will also be available along Hopewell Street.
  6. Pedestrian Accessibility: signals activated by pedestrians will be installed at Hopewell Street and at the OHS entrance circle to help pedestrians safely access the schools.
Oakdale School Road Map