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Rock Creek School


Brian Staiger
Senior Project Manager

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Site Selection/Design

Rock Creek School provides special education programs for Frederick County students with complex medical conditions and severe intellectual, physical, emotional, hearing, vision and learning disabilities, from ages 3 through 21. The architect recommended that new RCS Replacement to be located at the Walkersville MS site.  At the December 13th Board of Education meeting, the BOE approved the staff recommendation for the placement of the new RCS at the Walkersville MS campus. The new Rock Creek School Replacement design will be newly developed design that has a State rated capacity of 120 students and will be a single-story facility comprised of around 84,000 gross square feet (GSF). The new RCS Replacement will be an energy efficient building that meets, at a minimum, USGBC LEED Silver certification requirements, current local building codes of the authorities having jurisdiction and the educational program specifications.  The Design is to be performed in accordance with the State of Maryland IAC / PSCP guidelines and DGS requirements. Design has moved on to the Design Development (DD) Phase which begins to define more elements of the building, including room specific details, building structure and finishes. We will look to present the DD’s to the Board of Education in October and submit to the State of Maryland by November 1st.


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