After reviewing historical documents, property information and over 190 name suggestions submitted by community members, the School Name Recommendation Committee brought three name recommendations for the new Urbana-area elementary school to the Board of Education for consideration at their meeting on May 7. The Board voted 5-2 to name the new elementary school “Sugarloaf Elementary School.” This name was brought forth by the recommendation committee because of the nearby Sugarloaf Mountain, an enduring geological feature that can be seen from the new school site.


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Sugarloaf elemenary school


sugarloaf FLOOR PLANS



FCPS and the School Name Recommendation Committee would like to thank all those who submitted name suggestions or feedback during the naming process!

Read more about the BOE policy about naming schools: Policy 201 (Adobe PDF File, opens in new window).

About Sugarloaf Elementary School
Urbana along the I-270 corridor is one of the fastest growing areas in Frederick County. The new Sugarloaf Elementary School will address the continued build out of the Urbana community and will relieve overcrowding at both Urbana and Centerville elementary schools. The new school, estimated to cost $30 million, was designed by architects Grimm and Parker, the same firm responsible for the design of North Frederick Elementary School which will serve as a prototype for this project. The school will be located within the Urbana North mixed-use development situated west of MD 355.

In fall of 2013, the Board of Education decided that this new  elementary school in Urbana would serve grades PreK-5, as opposed to a paired arrangement with the existing Urbana Elementary, thus having its own attendance area. A redistricting study will be initiated after the completion of the Urbana Elementary Replacement Project. FCPS anticipates that the attendance area will draw from the existing Urbana Elementary and Centerville Elementary attendance areas.

See the presentation from the 2/3/15 community meeting here (Adobe PDF File, opens in new window).

Quick Facts

Location: The Sugarloaf Elementary will be built in the Urbana North mixed-use development west of MD 355 and next to the older Urbana Community Park. View a site map here.

Capacity: 725 students, pre-K- 5th grade

  1. Project Scope / Description
    1. No Change
    2. Base Building – 94,512 + Parks and Recreation Addition 3,357 = 97,869 Total SF
  2. Project Schedule
    1. Design - Complete
    2. Construction
      1. Bid – January 2017
      2. Construction – April 2017 – June 2018
      3. Substantial Completion – June 30, 2018
      4. Occupancy – August 2018
        1. This building will open with the Students and Staff from Urbana Elementary School.
        2. Contingent upon the completion of the Urbana Elementary Replacement Project, Sugarloaf Elementary will open to students in August 2020.
    3. Project Completion – December 31, 2018
  3. Project Budget
    1. Total Project Budget – TBA
    2. Construction Budget – TBA
  4. Current Status
    1. Construction Phase 1 began on April 1, 2017 and is continuing
    2. Construction Phase 2 began on July 1, 2017 and is continuing
    3. Construction Progress is at 35%
      1. Civil – Site Work
        1. Excavation and Mass Grading – Complete
        2. Retaining Wall – Complete
        3. East Side Parking Lot and Bus Loop – 75% complete
        4. Onsite Utilities – 90% complete
        5. Geothermal Well Field – 90% complete
      2. Architectural
        1. CMU Bearing wall installation 90% complete and continuing
        2. Brick installation 10% complete and continuing
        3. Exterior Metal framing and sheathing has started
      3. Structural
        1. Building Footings and Foundation Walls complete
        2. Building Slabs on Grade complete
        3. Building Elevated Slabs ongoing
        4. Structural Steel Framing – 90% complete
      4. Mechanical
        1. Utility connections complete
        2. Underground piping installations complete
        3. Mechanical Plumbing piping and HVAC Ductwork continuing
      5. Electrical
        1. Duct Bank and Underground piping complete
        2. Utility connections complete
        3. Electrical Rough-ins continuing

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