Reclassification Process

What is Position Reclassification?

Position reclassification is the process of reviewing and updating the job classification of a position within FCPS.  This process involves reviewing a position’s level of responsibility, complexity, and scope of duties and reassigning the appropriate classification or grade level, if necessary. Reclassification should occur when a substantive, measurable change in job functions occurs due to the position’s scope, impact, complexity, responsibilities, and/or accountability.  Additionally, changes to the structure of a department may also prompt a classification review to ensure the positions still reflect the appropriate classification.

Reclassification is not a substitute for collective bargaining, performance/dedication rewarding, addressing workload issues, a longevity solution, a retention strategy, or future position planning.

The Purpose

The purpose of position classification is to ensure that positions are accurately classified and compensated based upon the work they perform.  It is important to maintain equity within FCPS by ensuring that employees performing similar work are classified and compensated appropriately.  This also helps to ensure that employees are properly incentivized to perform their roles to the best of their ability and feel valued for their contributions.

The Process

Requests for a reclassification review are submitted to the Director of Human Resources. A Reclassification Review Committee comprised of the classification  specialist, a Human Resources representative and a Cabinet member will review the materials submitted.  The review process includes vetting through an industry standard reclassification tool.  Some of the factors this tool considers are the nature of a job’s duties and responsibilities, the level of complexity, as well as internal and external factors. Essential to ensuring an accurate review is the thorough and accurate completion of the Position Content Questionnaire which is jointly completed by the employee and his/her supervisor.

As the committee reviews the information provided on the Position Content Questionnaire, the reclassification process may also include observing work activities, conducting a desk audit, and conducting interviews with the employee and the supervisor.

The Procedure

Employees should first meet with their supervisor to review their current job description.  The path to FCPS job descriptions can be found here: V:\Human Resources\Job Descriptions_CURRENT.  For school-based staff, please contact Human Resources at to obtain a copy of your job description.

Together with your supervisor, discuss whether significant changes in the scope of your position’s functions and responsibilities have occurred.

Employees should then complete and submit both the Classification Reclassification Request Form and the Position Content Questionnaire to their supervisor.  The supervisor will review the information provided by the employee and complete the assigned supervisor section – supervisors will not edit information provided by the employee.  The supervisor will then submit both forms to the Cabinet member responsible for the employee’s department.

The Cabinet member will complete his/her assigned section and then forward these two documents to the Director of Human Resources.  The Human Resources Director will assemble the Reclassification Review Committee so that the request can be evaluated.

The results of the Reclassification Review Committee will be communicated to the Cabinet member who in turn will share the outcome with the employee and his/her supervisor.  An official letter detailing the outcome of the committee’s review will be sent to the employee and a copy will be placed within the employee’s personnel file.

Reclassification Schedule and FAQ

Reclassification requests should be submitted on or before October 1 and/or April 1.

Support and AMT Position Review by Year shows the current year-by-year schedule of support and AMT positions.

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