Reclassification Process

The Purpose

To determine if the salary grade/scale/work year are appropriate for the tasks and functions currently assigned to a position. A reclassification looks for a significant change in the responsibilities and duties of a position which require additional skills, abilities, and knowledge.  Changes to a job’s functions may be the result of added duties or responsibilities, new technologies, program revisions and other matters that impact the scope of the work being performed.

The Process

Requests for a reclassification review are submitted to the Director of Human Resources.  A Reclassification Review Committee comprised of the Classification Consultant(s), a Human Resources representative and a Cabinet member will review the materials submitted. The review process includes vetting through an industry standard reclassification tool. Some of the factors this tool considers are the nature of a job’s duties and responsibilities, the level of complexity, and internal and external equity factors. Essential to ensuring an accurate review is the thorough and accurate completion of the Position Content Questionnaire which is jointly completed by the employee and their supervisor.

The Procedure

Intake: On or before October 1 and/or April 1.

Note: In this first “off cycle” year, reclassification request may be submitted between April 1 and October 1, 2022.   Contingent upon budget funding, any resulting adjustment will be made effective January 2023.

Action: Meet with your supervisor to review your current job description. Here is the path to the FCPS job descriptions: V:\Human Resources\Job Descriptions CURRENT. For school based staff, please contact Human Resources at to obtain a copy of your job description.

Together with your supervisor you can discuss whether significant changes in the scope of your position’s functions and responsibilities have occurred.

Complete and submit both the Classification Reclassification Request form AND the Position Content Questionnaire to your supervisor.  Your supervisor will review (NOT EDIT) your responses and complete their assigned section.   Your supervisor will submit both forms to the Cabinet member responsible for your department.

The Cabinet member will complete then forward these two documents to the Director of Human Resources. The Human Resources Director will assemble the Reclassification Review Committee so that the request can be evaluated.

Outcome:  The results of the review/evaluation will be communicated to the Cabinet member who in turn will share the outcome with you and your supervisor. 

For requests submitted prior to October 1 salary/work year adjustments become effective January 1.  For approved requests received before April 1, salary/work year adjustments are made effective July 1.  Implementation dates may be adjusted based on funds available in the reclassification budget.

Reclassification Information/Request Forms


Julia Nguyen
Director of Human Resources