Position Classification


What is it?

Position Classification is the process of analyzing the essential functions and required qualifications of a position for allocation to a job class and placement on a salary scale in the appropriate employee unit.

It is important to maintain equity within FCPS by ensuring that employees performing similar work are classified and compensated appropriately.  This also helps to ensure that employees are properly incentivized to perform their roles to the best of their ability and feel valued for their contributions.

Review Process

The classification review process includes analyzing positions and vetting positions through an industry standard classification tool.  There are certain factors that are taken into consideration when classifying positions and certain factors that are not considered.

Classification Factors Classification Non-Factors
  • Level of complexity in work
  • Level of authority/decision making
  • Supervision received
  • Supervision given
  • Required education and KSAs
  • Work environment
  • Work contacts/independence
  • Fiscal responsibility
  • Personality
  • Volumn of work
  • Length of service
  • Efficiency of an employee
  • Unusual qualifications
  • Scarcity of new employees


Review Schedule

Reclassification Reviews

Reclassification requests should be submitted on or before October 1 and/or April 1.

Classification Review Cycle

Classification will review FCPS positions on a four-year cycle which is depicted in the Support and AMT Position Review by Year document.

Contact Information: Classification

Classification Staff Responsibilities


Lisa Heinrich
Classification Specialist

  • Classification