Lead and Learn Opportunities

Contact: Kimberly Brandenburg, 240-586-7965

Lead and Learn extends and enhances professional learning opportunities for leaders. These optional experiences are timely and relevant for leaders in FCPS.

Lead and Learn Podcast

The Lead and Learn Podcast is designed to be a bit of inspiration, motivation and fun in the pursuit of becoming a better leader tomorrow than you are today.  Podcasts are on demand, professional learning on the go for busy leaders because, as  leaders, we never stop learning and striving for greater impact. 

Leadership Spark Newsletters

Leadership Spark Newsletters are designed to be short professional learning newsletters focused on timely topics, sent monthly to all system leaders in FCPS. These topics typically stem from requests for research and/or information related to a current leadership need. 

Additional Leadership Offerings

A variety of optional guest speakers, book studies, and Spark Sessions provide leaders with the opportunity to engage in professional learning topics that interest them.  We develop these offerings based on feedback from our system leaders on areas they would like to explore further or timely topics that are relevant to them.