Group Life Insurance

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FCPS offers free group term life insurance to eligible employees.  The policy is equal to twice the base annual earnings, rounded to the nearest $1,000.

  • If an employee should die in an accident, his or her benefit would generally be twice what it would be if he or she were to die of natural causes.  If an employee is in an accident, he or she will receive benefits according to the loss experienced in the accident (such as the loss of an arm or leg or loss of sight).
  • Employees may choose to purchase dependent group life coverage through payroll deduction.  The optional dependent coverage provides a $4,000 policy on a spouse, and $2,000 policy on covered dependent children to age 19. 
  • Employees can continue coverage while they are on a leave without pay but they are responsible for the premiums.
  • Retirees who are eligible for retirement benefits under the Maryland State Retirement System or Pension Systems may elect to continue the life insurance coverage provided under the FCPS plan.  Retirees pay full cost of the coverage, unless adjusted by the Board, which is equal to 50% of the amount of the insurance at the time of retirement up to a maximum of $50,000.

For more information, please contact:

Doris Toms

Human Resources Associate II
(301) 644-5052