Other Paid Leave Benefits

Bereavement Leave

FCPS provides up to 5 consecutive work days for regular employees at any one time in the event of the death of an employee’s immediate family member and up to 3 consecutive work days for extended family.

Family Crisis Leave Exchange

The purpose of the Family Crisis Leave Exchange is to provide sick leave to eligible employees after their accumulated sick leave, personal leave, annual leave, and any other leave available to them has been exhausted. The exchange is intended solely for situations that are catastrophic and life threatening to members of the immediate family that require the employee to be temporarily absent from their assignment. This leave is not available for the employees’ personal illness or injury. The exchange will be funded by voluntary contributions of leave from eligible employees.

Jury Duty/Legal Proceedings

Eligible employees may take a leave of absence with full pay for jury duty and appearances in any legal proceedings connected with employment.

Sabbatical Leave

The purpose of sabbatical leave is to enable eligible employees to pursue an activity which will benefit the school system by enhanced professional competence. To be eligible, an employee must have completed six (6) full years of active service with FCPS. Sabbatical leaves will be granted by the superintendent, and approved employees will be paid by FCPS at fifty percent (50%) of the salary rate which the employee would have received if the employee had remained on active duty, provided the employee agrees to return to employment with FCPS for a period of one year.