Required Reading and Special Education Courses

What reading courses am I required to take? When must I take these courses?

Regular and Special Educators in Elementary and Early Childhood must complete 12 credits in reading in the following areas:

  • Processes and Acquisition of Reading Skills
  • Methods of Reading Instruction
  • Materials for Teaching Reading
  • Assessment for Reading Instruction

Reading courses may be taken through FCPS or any accredited college or university. A complete list of Maryland approved reading courses is available at (opens in new window). The MSDE reading courses offered by FCPS are Maryland approved courses.

Regular and Special Educators at the Secondary level and PreK-12 specialty areas must complete 6 credits in the following:

  • Methods of Teaching Reading in the Secondary Content Area, Part I
  • Methods of Teaching Reading in the Secondary Content Area, Part II

All reading courses must be completed to renew your APC. If you need to take more than 6 credits, you must complete a minimum of 6 credits during the validity period of each APC.  All reading courses must be completed before moving to the Advanced Professional Certificate.

Does everyone have to take a special education class? When must I take this course?

All teachers, specialists, and administrators must complete a 3-credit Special Education course. Inclusion, Making it Happen (MSDE course) and any Introduction to Special Education course meets this requirement. The Special Education class must be completed before a certificate is renewed.