Sabbaticals For Certified/AS/AMT Staff

The purposes of a sabbatical leave are to enable an employee to pursue an activity which will benefit the school system by enhanced professional competence, or to enable an employee to perform in a critical area of need as well as benefit the employee personally. Such activities might be: study leading to a graduate degree with concentration in the individual's current field and/or certification areas, or study leading to a Bachelor's degree for a non degree vocational teacher; study leading to a graduate degree with concentration in an area of specialization other than the current teaching field or current assignment, and/or certification areas; or study in an educational field as part of a doctoral program.

  1. Applications are due no later than December 1 of the preceding school year (i.e. Dec 1, 2018 for sabbatical requests for the 2019-2020 school year).
  2. Upon recommendation of the Superintendent, sabbatical leaves will be granted up to 18 applicants per year. Sabbatical leave is available for up to 3 Administrative/Supervisory employees per year and 15 teachers. Requests for sabbatical leave must be received in writing by the Superintendent between July 1 and December 1 preceding the school year for which the leave is requested. All applications will receive equal consideration regardless of when submitted within the above time frame.
  3. No applicant with an unsatisfactory rating on the prior year evaluation will be considered.
  4. To be eligible, an employee must have completed at least 6 full years of active service in the Frederick County Public School System. An employee who has completed a sabbatical will be considered only after all applicants who have not had a sabbatical.
  5. An applicant who intends to study must register for a minimum of 12 semester hours per semester unless the Executive Director of Human Resources grants an exception. After the sabbatical has been completed, the employee shall present to the Executive Director of Human Resources adequate verification of the work or experience completed.
  6. An applicant who intends to pursue a program other than formal study must present a comprehensive proposed program. If the applicant is accepted for a sabbatical leave, the approved program can be changed only by written consent of the Executive Director of Human Resources prior to July 1 of the sabbatical year. After the sabbatical has been completed, the teacher shall present to Human Resources adequate verification of program completion.
  7. An employee on sabbatical leave half of a school year (or for a full school year) will be paid by the Board at 50% of the salary rate which the employee would have received had the employee remained on active duty, provided that such employee agrees to return to employment in Frederick County Public School System for a period of one year. Should the employee not return to service of the Board, the employee will be required to refund the salary granted for sabbatical leave.
  8. Upon return from sabbatical leave, an employee will be placed on the salary schedule at the level in which he/she would have achieved had the employee remained actively employed in the system during the period of absence.
  9. Tuition reimbursement shall be available to any person on a sabbatical who has not had 36 semester hours of prior course work reimbursed and who meets the following criteria:
  • The employee holds a Standard Professional Certificate and incurs tuition costs in a program leading to the Advanced Professional Certificate, a Master's Degree, a Board of Education approved Doctorate, or an additional endorsement to the SPC in a teaching area declared to be one of a critical shortage by the Executive Director of Human Resources.
  • The maximum number of semester hours reimbursed shall be 9 per year.
  • Courses and programs must be approved by the Human Resources Office prior to enrollment.
  • Professional personnel holding an Advanced Professional Certificate who have not received reimbursement for the maximum 36 credits available are eligible to request reimbursement for additional graduate level coursework up to the maximum 36 credits and up to 3 credits per year in order to meet certification requirements.
  • Tuition reimbursement for Administrators will be processed as described in Article XVIII of the FCASA Agreement.
  • Refer to the employment provisions between professional teaching staff and The Board of Education of Frederick County for the most recent information on tuition reimbursement guidelines. When referring to Article XIX, take note of recently added language "with the exception of extenuating circumstances, teachers who receive tuition reimbursement and leave within 2 years of receiving reimbursement shall be required to repay the monies received."