Attendance Areas

FCPS students are assigned to schools based on the geographic location of their homes, and they matriculate to the next level of schooling according to feeder areas.

Children who attend a childcare center may attend the school that serves the center unless that school has been restricted to out-of-district students due to overcrowding or because it is in its first year of operation. See the 2019-2020 restricted schools list.

Contact the FCPS Student Services office, 301-644-5238, for more information about which school your child should attend.

Feeder Areas

FCPS students matriculate to or "feed into" the next level of schooling according to feeder areas. This structure provides a way to coordinate and improve delivery of instruction and other services such as bus transportation and food service.

Each feeder area is organized top-down, according to the high school the students will ultimately attend. Some feeders are "split," meaning that after students complete study at an elementary or middle school, they do not all transition to the same middle or high school.

Growing neighborhoods and areas in which new schools are being built are subject to redistricting; the Board of Education has a process for public feedback under these circumstances.

Brunswick High
Brunswick MS
Brunswick ES
Valley ES

Catoctin High
Thurmont MS
Emmitsburg ES
Lewistown ES (portion)
Sabillasville ES
Thurmont ES
Thurmont PS

Frederick High
Crestwood MS
Butterfly Ridge ES (portion)
Lincoln ES (portion)
Orchard Grove ES (portion)
West Frederick MS
Hillcrest ES
Parkway ES
Whittier ES

Gov. Thomas Johnson High
Gov. Thomas Johnson MS
Butterfly Ridge ES (portion)
Spring Ridge ES
Monocacy MS
Lewistown ES (portion)
Monocacy ES
North Frederick ES
Waverley ES

Linganore High
New Market MS
Liberty ES
New Market ES
Windsor Knolls MS
Green Valley ES (portion)
Twin Ridge ES

Middletown High
Middletown MS
Middletown ES
Middletown PS
Myersville ES
Wolfsville ES

Oakdale High
Governor Thomas Johnson MS
Oakdale ES (portion)
Spring Ridge ES (portion)
Oakdale MS
Deer Crossing ES
Oakdale ES (portion)

Tuscarora High
Ballenger Creek MS
Ballenger Creek ES (portion)
Carroll Manor ES
Tuscarora ES (portion)
Crestwood MS
Ballenger Creek ES (portion)
Lincoln ES (portion)
Orchard Grove ES (portion
Tuscarora ES (portion)

Urbana High
Urbana MS
Centerville ES
Urbana ES
Windsor Knolls MS
Green Valley ES (portion)
Kemptown ES

Walkersville High
Walkersville MS
Glade ES
New Midway/Woodsboro ES
Walkersville ES