Parents: Play an Active RoleUHS

Family involvement pays huge dividends in a child’s education. Every school day, FCPS parents ­support education, knowing it takes strong teamwork with teachers and other school staff to provide the first-class education all children deserve.

Grandparents also play an important role in education.  See a special FCPS brochure for Grandparents Raising Grandchildren (Adobe PDF File, opens in new window).

Read on to find out more, and visit the Family & Community Involvement page, too.

Help your child succeed 

  • Your interest in your child’s progress and school activities demonstrates that you value education.
  • Expect youngsters to do their best in school.
  • Ask what they learned in class.
  • Encourage them to find out more.
  • Provide space, time and materials for homework.
  • Ensure nutritious meals, physical activity and rest.
  • Read and talk with children about books.
  • Limit television viewing and other passive activities.
  • Regularly attend parent-teacher conferences.
  • Champion trustworthiness, respect, responsibility, ­fairness, caring and citizenship.
  • Keep informed about the issues that impact education. Get school notices and newsletters via FindOutFirst email, watch FCPS TV, peruse this website, and from our home page link to FCPS social media and download our mobile app. 

Get involved in school life

  • Participate in the PTA (Local (opens in new window)) and attend school events
  • Chaperone field trips
  • Speak on career days
  • Assist in classrooms
  • Volunteer to serve on the School Improvement Team
  • Serve on a BOE, FCPS or PTA advisory committee

For more information about school-based participation opportunities, contact your child's teacher or call the school office.

Visiting School

Schools welcome visitors who want to learn more about our programs, meet staff and tour the facilities. All visitors must register at the school office upon arrival and may be required to wear an ID badge while in the building. Please arrange meetings and classroom ­visits in advance to be sure the time is appropriate.