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Athletic Forms

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Athletics Physical Examinations

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Student Services Forms

Out of District Enrollment - K-12th Grades ONLY

(For Pre-K contact 240-236-8835)

Parents or guardians who want their child to attend a school outside their assigned attendance area should review the Final 2023-24 Closed Schools List and Regulation 400-15, Out of District.

Pursuant to these regulations, the Out of District process is available for all applicants from February 1 - March 1 each year for the following school year. You can complete your request using the Out of District Request Form, available in English and Spanish through March 1.

Please Note: Your Out of District Form MUST be signed, either electronically or printed, signed and scanned, prior to returning to Please email applications in PDF Format ONLY, no photos/pictures. You can also send the application via fax to 240-236-2480 or via US mail to Department of Student Services, Orchard Grove Elementary School, 5898 Hannover Drive, Frederick, MD 21703.

Please contact MaryAnn Gomez for K-12 Out of District Enrollment only at (240) 236-2493 or if you have any questions.

K-12 Out of District Appeal Form

Restraint and/or Exclusion Complaint Process

Any student, parent, guardian, staff member, or other individual can freely express concerns regarding the use of Physical Restraint and/or Exclusion Practices. The complaint procedure is intended to provide prompt and equitable resolution of complaints related to Physical Restraint and/or Exclusion practices.

Complaints may be submitted orally or in writing by any student, parent, guardian, staff member, or other individual.

To make a written complaint, individuals can complete the Physical Restraint and/or Exclusion Complaint Form and submit the form through any of the following means:

  1. Hardcopy Form Submission (English Restraint and/or Exclusion Complaint Form, Spanish Restraint and/or Exclusion Complaint Form)
    1. Forms will be available at every school building in the front office.
    2. Once completed, the individual can insert it in a locked dropbox in the school’s front office. Dropbox completed forms will be sent to the Supervisor of Behavior Analysts.
  2. Digital Form Submission - Forms may be completed using the online form.
  3. Email Form Submission - Forms may be submitted by email to the Supervisor of Behavior Analysts at
  4. Postal Mail Submission - Forms may be sent by U.S. Mail to:

Supervisor of Behavior Analysts, Office of Special Education
Frederick County Public Schools
191 South East Street
Frederick, MD 21701

To make an oral complaint, individuals can provide information through the following means:

  1. The FCPS Supervisor of Behavior Analysts may be contacted at (301) 644-5250. Individuals may speak directly with the FCPS Supervisor of Behavior Analysts. This person will investigate all complaints and follow up with the individual in working to resolve the concern.
  2. The Ombuds for Frederick County Public Schools may be contacted at (301) 696-6852. Individuals may speak directly with the FCPS Ombuds. The Ombuds will get information on your complaint and work with the Supervisor of Behavior Analysts and you to address and resolve the concern.

The Supervisor of Behavior Analysts will complete the following steps in order to promptly respond to complaints:

  1. Investigate all complaints, including requesting additional information from complainants and affected parties if necessary.
  2. The Supervisor will provide a written determination simultaneously to all parties no later than sixty (60) days from the receipt of the complaint.

Retaliation, harassment, or negative educational consequence is strictly prohibited against any complainant (or any member of their family) for filing the complaint or otherwise participating in the complaint process.

FCPS is committed to continuous process improvement. More importantly, we are dedicated to serving the whole child; academically, socially and emotionally. FCPS will continue to work closely with our community and the United States Department of Justice to improve practice, and design programs and strategies that support the diverse needs of our student population.

Staff Forms

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