Procedures for Out-of-District Transfers for the 2017-2018 School Year

An out-of-district transfer is an option that may allow students to attend a school outside their assigned attendance area. Because FCPS strives to continuously improve service to our students and families, the school system recently worked to clarify, modernize, and streamline regulations on out-of-district transfers.

Overview of Key Changes

  • Annual deadlines and timelines for families to apply for out-of-district transfers help clarify the process for families. They also provide more accurate enrollment counts as schools plan for each new year.
  • Families that have received out-of-district transfer approval must apply to renew the out-of-district transfer each year. This better serves students as it prompts review of every student’s needs and individual circumstances; it also allows FCPS to more effectively track and manage out-of-district transfers.
  • Students who apply for an out-of-district transfer must have demonstrated compliance with school rules and regulations in their current school; if a student has academic, behavioral, or emotional needs, FCPS wants to address those needs in a student’s local school whenever possible.
  • The addition of conditional approval for students (to allow for extenuating circumstances) better serves students because it provides added flexibility and acknowledges the individual needs of every student and family.
  • Documentation is required to support out-of-district transfer requests based on childcare needs and medical/therapeutic needs.
  • The addition of restrictions and penalties for fraud and/or misrepresentation on out-of-district applications helps keep the out-of-district transfer process fair for all families.

Important Links

For questions or concerns, please contact via email and put "Out of District Transfer Process" in the subject line.