Required Reading and Special Education Courses

What reading courses am I required to take? When must I take these courses?

Regular and Special Educators in Elementary and Early Childhood must complete 12 credits in reading in the following areas:

  • Processes and Acquisition of Reading Skills
  • Methods of Reading Instruction
  • Materials for Teaching Reading
  • Assessment for Reading Instruction

Reading courses may be taken through FCPS or any accredited college or university. Here is a complete list of Maryland approved reading courses. The MSDE reading courses offered by FCPS are Maryland approved courses.

Regular and Special Educators at the Secondary level and PreK-12 specialty areas must complete 6 credits in the following:

  • Methods of Teaching Reading in the Secondary Content Area, Part I
  • Methods of Teaching Reading in the Secondary Content Area, Part II

All reading courses must be completed to renew your APC. If you need to take more than 6 credits, you must complete a minimum of 6 credits during the validity period of each APC.  All reading courses must be completed before moving to the Advanced Professional Certificate.

Does everyone have to take a special education class? When must I take this course?

All teachers, specialists, and administrators must complete a 3-credit Special Education course. Inclusion, Making it Happen (MSDE course) and any Introduction to Special Education course meets this requirement. The Special Education class must be completed before a certificate is renewed.