FCPS provides bus transportation for about 30,000 students every school day. For school bus riders, walking distance to the bus stop is no more than 0.5 mile.
Parents are responsible for overseeing students as they walk to school or transporting them if the students' most practical, direct walking route to school is:
(a) 1.25 miles or less for grades pre-K through 5 (except at primary schools)
(b) 1.75 miles or less for grades 6-12.
The Superintendent has authority to create regulation to allow exceptions in order to avoid unsafe walking conditions for students. Parents of students enrolled in a school outside the attendance area (out of district) are responsible for transporting their children. See FCPS Policy 441 for details.
Transportation to Activities Schools are required to use FCPS vehicles to transport students from school to school, from school to extracurricular activities and on field trips. With written permission from parents, principals may allow students to travel in vehicles driven by FCPS employees or authorized parents or, in the case of high school students, to drive themselves. Students may not travel to school-sponsored activities in vehicles driven by other students.
Bus Riders Students may ride only the school bus to which they are assigned. Inviting friends home via the school bus makes it difficult for schools and bus drivers to account for students and can cause bus capacity problems. In an emergency situation only, school principals may approve a parental request allowing a child to ride another bus. Bus drivers can honor the request only if they receive a parent note that is also signed/approved by the school administration. Transportation to jobs, social meetings, non-school sporting events or practice remains a parental responsibility. Parents and guardians are, of course, welcome to transport their children to and from school.

Should it be necessary to return a student to school for any reason, it is the school's responsibility to notify the parent or guardian. If you are unsure which bus your child should ride or of the bus stop location, call your child's school or the FCPS Transportation Department.

At the Bus Stop Parents are responsible for the safety and conduct of their children from the time the children leave home until they board the school bus, and from the time they leave the bus until they reach home at the end of the day. However, students may be disciplined for misconduct at the bus stop if such conduct jeopardizes the safety of students or causes disruption to school operations.
  • Students should be at their designated bus stop at least 5 minutes before the bus is scheduled to arrive.
  • Students should act in a safe manner and stand well back from the roadway until the bus has come to a complete stop. Only then should they move toward the bus.
  • At the bus stop, students are expected to show respect for the property of citizens who live nearby. Rough play, shoving and pushing are not acceptable. Parents are legally responsible for their children at the bus stop and are also liable for any damage they cause.
  • Students should get off the school bus only at their designated stops.
  • When crossing the roadway to enter or exit a bus, students should walk approximately 10 feet in front of the bus and never behind it and cross only when the driver signals that all is clear.
  • Once buses start moving during school dismissal, students are not to chase or attempt to board a bus.
  • Students who miss the bus will need to find other transportation.
  • Pre-K and kindergarten students must have visible adult supervision when they depart the bus.

Bus routing information is now available through the "Bus Stop Information Online" section. Please check back periodically prior to the first day of school for possible timing adjustments.
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