Use of FCPS Facilities

Board of Education Policy 203 and FCPS Regulation 100-01 establish the terms and conditions under which school community groups can use school buildings. Each school approves use of the building and applies the FCPS facility fee. Applications are made on-line through the FCPS website. At the home page, click on the section "Forms". Questions and issues related to insurance, fees and appropriateness of use are referred to the central office for evaluation.
New fee structures and application procedures will take effect on July 1, 2015. These new fees were approved by the Board of Education in January, 2015. At that time the FCPS will also be transitioning to a new online reservation system known as "School Dude." This software is now in the development phase. Further information will be provided later this spring.

Community Rec Centers A limited number of schools were constructed with “Community Recreation Center” gyms, and FCPS has special arrangements with the County or City Parks and Recreation Departments for building use. At these schools, County and City staff schedule use of the recreation centers and monitor activities while the center is open. Schools with these gyms include Deer Crossing, Oakdale, Tuscarora, Walkersville, Middletown Primary, Centerville, Lincoln and Whittier elementary schools, and Thurmont and Gov. Thomas Johnson middle schools.

Monitoring Use The Facilities Services office reviews Use of Facility applications for compliance with FCPS Policies and Regulations; updates and modifies related regulations and procedures as necessary; prepares and administers “Joint Use Agreements” with County or City agencies associated with community recreation center gyms; coordinates with the American Red Cross regarding use of schools as mass care shelters; and evaluate and administers other special agreements for use of school facilities and fields.

Auxiliary Custodians The purpose of Regulation 100-5 is to define the use and role of auxiliary custodians. Auxiliary custodians are representatives of an outside user group that are authorized by an FCPS school principal to perform basic custodial tasks on behalf of that user group when an FCPS employee is not available to perform that function.
Use of Facilities Fee Structures:
Use of Facilities Fees
Use of Facilities Fees  
Please contact individual schools with questions.