Capital Programs

Under the Division of Operations, the Capital Programs Department prepares long-range enrollment projections for FCPS and individual schools, as well as annually updating the 10-year Educational Facilities Master Plan (EFMP). The EFMP includes the recommendations for new schools, school additions, and capital renovation projects. The Capital Programs Department is also responsible for managing the architectural and engineering design of new schools, major building additions, and systemic renovation projects; managing construction and project inspection services associated with capital projects. The Department also prepares the 6-year Capital Improvement Program (CIP); conducts feasibility studies for major building renovation projects; as well as school redistricting studies; coordinates land acquisition for future school sites including state processing and local reviews/approvals; prepares educational specifications for new school projects; manages the Geographic Information Systems (GIS) program; reviews residential development plans as required by county and municipal jurisdictions including adequate public facilities ordinance school reviews for Frederick County and municipalities when required; maintains state and local inventory of facilities and review state and local proposals for changes in laws or regulations related to public school design and construction.

For construction management activities, the Department coordinates preparation of building specifications for major capital projects; estimates costs and prioritizes future major renovation needs; manages projects contained in the Capital Outlay (Category 15) chapter of the FCPS operating budget; manages the annual portable classroom relocation project, and coordinates special engineering studies as needed (i.e., HVAC, parking, and roof assessments).

Brad Ahalt
Senior Project Manager

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Vernon Beals
Project Manager

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Amber Millison
Planning Data & GIS Analyst

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Adnan Mamoon
Director of Capital Program

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Tom Mulligan
Project Manager

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Holly Nelson
Facilities Planner

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Elizabeth Pasierb
Supervisor of Facilities Planning

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Tony Ray
Project Manager

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Tammie Smith
Executive Secretary

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Brian Staiger
Senior Project Manager

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