STEM Vision, Mission and Goals


FCPS students will graduate STEM proficient and be prepared for post-secondary study and the 21st Century workforce.

Teachers will have the resources and knowledge they need to integrate the content and skills of Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics across all disciplines.


The mission of the FCPS STEM office is to provide leadership, support, and resources to FCPS schools that will allow for the design and implementation of effective STEM Education for all students.


  • Professional Learning: Research and provide professional learning opportunities in STEM Education so educators have the resources and knowledge they need to provide STEM experiences to all students.

  • STEM support of Curriculum: Research and develop STEM Centric lessons and units aligned with FCPS curriculum and STEM Standards of Practice across disciplines to provide STEM Education for all students.

  • Partnerships and Community Awareness: Increase awareness of STEM Education through communication and collaboration with the community. Establish and maintain partnerships with local STEM businesses, industries, and higher education to provide STEM opportunities for teachers and students.  

  • STEM Opportunities for all students: Increase STEM experiences and support curricular and extra-curricular STEM opportunities for students.


Kim Day
Curriculum Specialist

(301) 644-5264

Erin Landsman
STEM Teacher Specialist PreK-12

(301) 644-5127

Mary Feist
Administrative Secretary

(301) 644-5264

Additional Information

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