Academic Tournament Schedule 2023

Don't forget to support the Frederick County teams competing in the "It's Academic" tournament Saturday mornings at 10 AM on WJZ-TV!

See Weekly Re-Caps below.

Week One
January 6, 2023
Match 1 Middletown Brunswick Walkersville Tuscarora  
Match 2 Oakdale Tuscarora Linganore Middletown  
Match 3 Catoctin Frederick Thomas Johnson Urbana  
Match 4 Urbana Catoctin Oakdale Frederick  
Week Two
January 13, 2023
"British and American Romanticism"
Match 1 Thomas Johnson Middletown Urbana Linganore  
Match 2 Catoctin Linganore Walkersville Thomas Johnson  
Match 3 Frederick Tuscarora Brunswick Oakdale  
Match 4 Oakdale Frederick Walkersville Brunswick  

Week Three
January 20, 2023
"Oceania Geography"

Match 1 Thomas Johnson Oakdale Brunswick Frederick  
Match 2 Frederick Linganore Urbana Oakdale  
Match 3 Catoctin Tuscarora Middletown Walkersville  
Match 4 Walkersville Tuscarora Urbana Catoctin  
Week Four
January 27, 2023
"World Cup Soccer"
Match 1 Thomas Johnson Tuscarora Walkersville Catoctin  
Match 2 Catoctin Brunswick Frederick Thomas Johnson  
Match 3 Oakdale Middletown Linganore Urbana  
Match 4 Urbana Linganore Brunswick Middletown  
Week Five
February 3, 2023
"World Religions"
Match 1 Catoctin Brunswick Urbana Tuscarora  
Match 2 Frederick Middletown Tuscarora Brunswick  
Match 3 Oakdale Walkersville Thomas Johnson Linganore  
Match 4 Linganore Thomas Johnson Middletown Walkersville  
Week Six
February 10, 2023
"Post WWII Europe"
Match 1 10th seed 9th seed 8th seed 7th seed 1st seed
Match 2 6th seed 5th seed 4th seed   7th seed
Match 3 3rd seed 2nd seed 1st seed   4th seed
Week 7
February 17, 2023
"Marvel Cinematic Universe"
  (from week 6)     Host
Match 1 Winner match 1 Winner match 2 Winner match 3   4th match 1
Match 2 2nd match 1 2nd match 2 2nd match 3   Winner match 3
Match 3 3rd match 1 3rd match 2 3rd match 4 4th match 1 2nd match 2
Week Eight
February 24, 2023
"Greek Mythology"
Match 1 10th seed 9th seed   Team ranked 3rd  
Match 2 3rd seed 4th seed 9th or 10th seed Team ranked 2nd  
Match 3 2nd seed 5th seed 8th seed Team ranked 1st  
Match 4 1st seed 6th seed 7th seed Team ranked 4th  
Match 5 Winner match 4 Winner match 3 Winner match 2 Loser match 1   

2023 Weekly Re-Cap