Strategic Plan


Frederick County Public Schools (FCPS) is a high-performing school system in the state of Maryland. However, similar to other school districts, FCPS continues to face a rapidly changing environment, including diverse student needs, changes to local, state, and national regulations, and an unpredictable fiscal climate. In response to these shifts, in the 2016 school year (SY), FCPS developed a long-term strategic plan to guide its academic and operational goals. A Theory of Action approach was integral in the strategic planning work (see Theory of Action for more details). The FCPS Strategic Plan includes five aspirational goals (see below) and district priorities, and specific measurable goals/targets.

Overview Presentation to the Board of Education

FCPS is committed to...

  • Creating a culture of high expectations and continuous improvement throughout the school system using clear indicators of performance, and
  • Promoting schools and school communities as vital of centers of learning, and
  • Investing in staff throughout the organization to ensure highest quality teaching and learning occurs in every classroom, and
  • Empowering all leaders to balance system-wide parameters with school-based needs in order to achieve set goals

In order for...

FCPS staff members to be exceptional leaders who support one another and ensure success for each and every student.