Student Services

Student Services works collaboratively with school staff, students, parents and the community to prevent, identify and address problems that hinder a student’s educational success. By advocating for children, we help ensure a successful school experience and productive future for all students.

We provide outreach and interventions to students whose school life is negatively impacted by family or personal issues, such as illness, joblessness or divorce.

Mr. Dana Falls
Students Services Director
(301) 644-5238

Kimberly Muniz, M.A./CAS, NCSP
Supervisor of Mental Health & Psychological Services

(301) 696-6880

Jeneen Stewart
Supervisor of Student Supports

(301) 644-5345

Janet Shipman
Supervisor of Behavioral Health & Student Services

(301) 644-5220

Jenifer Waters
Health Services Specialist

(301) 644-5286
Fax:  301-644-5020

Keri-Ann Henson
Coordinator of Student Supports

(301) 644-5290
Fax: (301) 644-5020

Maribel Gonzalez
Home Instruction Monitor
(301) 644-4000

Cathy Zier
Administrative Assistant
(301) 644-5238
Fax:  301-644-5020