Pupil Personnel Services

Pupil Personnel Workers (PPWs) are highly skilled, certified professionals, who are trained to assess student needs, serve as student advocates, and facilitate appropriate services.  Working collaboratively with schools, families, and community agencies, PPWs are dedicated to identifying and addressing barriers that prevent students from achieving their academic potential.  PPWs also ensure consistent and equitable implementation of student-related laws, policies, and regulations.

Caring, Professional Advocacy

PPWs work closely with schools and families as an advocate for the student.

  • Provide individual and family consultation for student with chronic attendance and/or discipline problems
  • Make every effort to prevent students from dropping out of school
  • Facilitate student placements in alternative education programs
  • Conduct home visits to promote family involvement
  • Respond to emergency welfare situations
  • Provide services for homeless students
  • Help parents resolve school-related and sensitive personal issues that are affecting the student’s availability for learning
  • Serve as members of each school’s Student Services Team
  • Provide crisis support
  • Participate in Individual Education Program meetings as requested
  • Refer families to appropriate agencies for assistance

Ensuring Equity and Consistency

PPWs ensure equitable and consistent implementation of student-related laws, regulations, school policies, and procedures:

  • Interpret student-related school, county, and state laws, policies, and procedures.  
  • Arrange mediation conferences with the Assistant State’s Attorney as a means to address chronic absenteeism and prevent district court charges
  • Ensure proper implementation of Federal Law 504
  • Investigate student suspensions and review information and make recommendations to ensure compliance with county and state guidelines
  • Investigate residency issues to ensure proper, lawful enrollment
  • Determine eligibility of non-resident and out-of-district students
  • Investigate custody/caretaker issues for resolution and enrollment