HHT logoHome and Hospital Teaching Frequently Asked Questions

What is the Home and Hospital Teaching program?

The Home and Hospital Teaching (HHT) program is designed to provide instructional continuity to students who are unable to attend their regular school of enrollment due to a verified physical illness/injury (including drug or alcohol dependency), emotional health condition, pregnancy, or chronic health impairment. HHT is a short-term instructional service mandated by state law with specific guidelines for program implementation and delivery. It is intended to provide students the opportunity to continue learning while recovering or undergoing treatment for the specified health condition supporting their return to their regular school of enrollment.

Is my child eligible for HHT?

To qualify for full-time or part-time HHT services, the student’s projected absence from school must be at least 20 consecutive days for an elementary or middle school student or 10 consecutive days for a high school student due to a verified physical or emotional health condition.

If my child was on HHT for any part of the school year, who determines my child’s grades?

During full-time or part-time HHT, student grades are awarded by the HHT teacher for work completed under their direction. These grades are averaged proportionately with grades the student earned from their school classroom teacher prior to and/or following their HHT authorization period, as appropriate. For intermittent HHT, student grades are awarded by the school classroom teacher.

If my child has an IEP, will my child still get the support services in their IEP at home?

Upon approval of HHT, an IEP Team meeting will be expedited to review and revise the student’s IEP, determine instructional services to be provided to the student during HHT, and develop a plan for returning the student to school. Another IEP meeting is held when HHT services end. Please contact the Special Education Department at your child’s school of enrollment for any further questions.

How many hours per week will my child receive HHT?

Students are provided with 6 hours per week of instruction on full-time HHT and 3 hours per week on part-time HHT, unless otherwise determined by the IEP Team. Intermittent HHT students become eligible for instructional support once they accrue 2 or more absences in one school week. Up to 1 hour of HHT instructional support may be scheduled for each day absent to be scheduled within 1 week. The goal of intermittent instructional support is to assist the student in catching up with school work missed due to the absences. The parent/legal guardian is responsible for contacting the assigned HHT teacher by the end of each school week their child is eligible to request instructional support. The parent/student is responsible for gathering any make-up work from their school and communicating with the HHT teacher what specific make-up assignment they need assistance with in preparation for any scheduled intermittent HHT session. It is the student’s responsibility to submit any completed make-up work directly to their school classroom teacher.

Where do HHT services take place?

HHT services are arranged with individually assigned HHT teachers who deliver services either through a virtual platform (most often), in person at the student’s home or a public setting (i.e. public library), or via an online educational program approved by Frederick County Public Schools (FCPS). Once assigned, the HHT teacher/provider will contact the parent/legal guardian directly to schedule services.

Can HHT be utilized as a temporary placement for a student with an IEP while waiting for another placement?

No, HHT may not be used as a temporary placement for a student with a disability waiting for:

  • Placement in a nonpublic special school; or
  • A change of placement.

What if I need to cancel a session with the HHT Teacher?

If a student is not available for a scheduled HHT session, parent/legal guardian is to notify the HHT teacher in advance of the scheduled session, preferably by 3:00 p.m. the day prior to the scheduled session, whenever possible. Please be advised, HHT teachers are asked to document absences from HHT sessions and report those to the child’s school of enrollment so the official student attendance record can be updated accordingly. The parent/legal guardian is responsible for providing a note, specifying the reason for the absence, directly to the attendance office at their child’s school of enrollment for consideration of a lawful absence; otherwise, absences are presumed unlawful. HHT teachers are not required to reschedule cancelled or missed HHT sessions, unless the teacher has initiated the cancellation. Excessive absences from HHT sessions may result in suspension or termination of HHT services and result in the school initiating truancy procedures.

Is my child responsible for completing work from the classroom teachers while they are on HHT?

It depends. Students on full-time HHT or part-time HHT are only responsible for completing work assigned by their HHT teacher/provider for the specific course being covered. HHT teachers report grades for HHT students at each mid-term, end of term and/or end of their HHT assignment, as applicable. If the student missed assignments prior to being approved for HHT, they are responsible for completing that work independently and submitting it to their school classroom teacher for credit. Students on intermittent HHT continue to be responsible for completing all work assigned by the school classroom teacher. HHT teachers do not provide assignments or grading for intermittent HHT students.

What if my child is cleared to return to school prior to the end of their HHT authorization period?

If a student is in a position to return to school prior to their HHT authorization period, the parent/legal guardian must submit a note to the Pupil Personnel Worker from the referring/treating medical professional documenting that the student is medically cleared to return to the school of enrollment and note any relevant restrictions.