Update: Wednesday, March 17, 2021

See the COVID-19 documents posted on UOF webpage. Completion of the COVID-19 Waiver and Usage Implementation Plan must be submitted by all community user groups and approved prior to submitting your first request form.

Community User Group Activities (including school PTAs and boosters)

  • Indoor Uses: Indoor facilities remain closed to all community user groups (CUG) until further notice with the exception of: swimming pools, contracted daycare, Board of Election activities and SAT/ACT testing.
  • Outdoor Uses: Outdoor facilities are open to CUGs with modified COVID-19 procedures. FCPS activities have first priority for use of outdoor spaces. The first date of use will be Monday, September 28, 2020. Compliance with current Frederick County Board of Health Regulations is mandatory.
  • Capacity Limit:
    Sports Uses: Sport Uses: Maximum of 50 athletes with a limit of 2 spectators per athlete (150 maximum) per outdoor rentable area (this max capacity number does not include coaches, officials, etc.)
    Other Uses: Maximum of 150 people per outdoor rentable area.

FCPS Activities

  • Indoor Uses: School groups can use the facilities for events (such as live performances and athletic competitions) with a max capacity of 100 spectators. Any large social gathering such as a dance would not be permitted.
  • Outdoor Uses: In-person extra-curricular and co-curricular activities are allowed with 3 tickets per student participant for spectators. Max capacity 400.

Further updates will be posted to this webpage when made by the Board of Education/Superintendent.

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Use of FCPS Facilities

COMMUNITY USER GROUPS: Before submitting a request form for outdoor or pool use:

  1. Read: COVID-19 Enhanced Procedures
  2. Sign and email: COVID-19 Use of Facilities Waiver
  3. Complete, sign and email: COVID-19 UOF Guidelines and Usage Implementation Plan

FCPS Pool User Groups Only: See above and refer to FCPS COVID-19 Pool Reopening Plan

Use of facilities logoBoard of Education Policy 203 and FCPS Regulation 100-01 establish the terms and conditions under which school community groups can use school buildings. Each school approves use of the building and applies the FCPS facility fee. Applications are made online through the FCPS website.

The on-line procedure is a two-step process for community user groups.  The first step is to click the Use of Facilities Calendar and Request Form link and register your group by filling out the information requested for new users in the upper right corner.  Note: there is a video to walk you through the steps of registration. 

A Certificate of Insurance (COI) and proof of 501c3 non-profit status will be required for approval of your group’s registration.  Please send an electronic copy of your COI and IRS letter approving non-profit status to E-mail.  Please allow enough time for the approval process - at least 10 work days before the event. Contact Deb Huffman at 301-644-5229 or deb.huffman@fcps.org if you have any questions regarding the required documents. Note: See link to sample COI below for required elements of an acceptable COI.

Once registration is approved, the next step is to fill out a request for a field or room at the school through the Use of Facilities Calendar and Request Form link.  Note: there is a video to walk you through the steps to complete an application. Approved community user groups must read the Standard Operating Procedures (SOP).

Requested Event Dates

Date Range for Community User Group (CUG) to Submit the Request Form

Deadline for School Site Administrator to Process the Request Form

July 1 – August 31

May 1 - 15

June 1

September 1 – November 30

July 15 - 31

August 15

December 1 – February 28/29

October 1 - 15

November 1

March 1 – June 30

January 1 - 15

February 1

Requests submitted later than stated timeframe above will not be considered as part of a shared usage arrangement with other community user groups if there are multiple users requesting for the same locations/rooms or fields on the same dates/times. Late requests will be approved solely based on open availability.

*Although a CUG may receive an approved request form at the high school level, please note that due to the uncertain nature of internal FCPS high school athletic schedules (which could be extended due to play-offs, weather reschedules, etc.), previously approved dates for a CUG could be cancelled or postponed as needed with limited notice to the CUG. Notice to the CUG will be given as soon as possible.

Schools are given priority over community organizations for use of facilities.  FCPS grants opportunity to the community to use over 60 facilities for events.  An applicant must be a Frederick County resident.

Community Rec Centers - A limited number of schools were constructed with "Community Recreation Centers." FCPS has special arrangements with the City and County Parks and Recreation Departments for building use of the gymnasiums, recreation classrooms, recreation rooms and all outdoor fields. At these schools, City and County staff schedule use of these areas and monitor activities while the center is open after school or weekends.  To schedule these areas, do not submit a use of facility request form through FCPS; instead, contact the City or County Parks & Recreation department.

City of Frederick Parks & Recreation:

Field Scheduling at:  Butterfly Ridge ES, Hillcrest ES, Governor Thomas Johnson MS, Lincoln ES, Monocacy ES, Monocacy MS, North Frederick ES, Parkway ES, Waverley ES, Whittier ES

Gym Scheduling at:  Butterfly Ridge ES, Lincoln ES, Governor Thomas Johnson MS, Whittier ES

Frederick County Parks & Recreation:

Field and Gym Scheduling at:  Centerville ES, Deer Crossing ES, Middletown PS, Oakdale ES, Sugarloaf ES, Thurmont MS, Tuscarora ES, Walkersville ES

Monitoring Use – The Office of Chief Operating Officer reviews Use of Facility applications for compliance with FCPS Policies and Regulations; updates and modifies related regulations and procedures as necessary; prepares and administers “Joint Use Agreements” with County or City agencies associated with community recreation center gyms; coordinates with the American Red Cross regarding use of schools as mass care shelters; and evaluates and administers other special agreements for use of school facilities and fields.

Request a Facility

Note: When submitting a request, please allow enough time for the approval process - at least 10 working days before the event.

Use of Facilities Calendar and Request Form

Use of Facilities instruction videos:
Request to be a Facilities User
Submit a Request

High School Auditorium/Theater Requests:
Guidelines and Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)
Standard Operating Procedure for High School Auditorium Usage
Agreement Form (A high school auditorium facilitator will be assigned to your request. This Agreement Form must be emailed to facilities.uof@fcps.org to be uploaded to your request form.)

Request to Mow or Maintain an FCPS Property:
See information in SOP posted above
Complete agreement form to request (right-click the document to save to your desktop to complete and send back to FCPS. Document cannot be filled out in your web browser.)
Obtain Insurance Certificate to include additional required coverages and email to facilities.uof@fcps.org

Use of Facilities Fee Structures:

Insurance Certificate Sample
Regulation 100-01 Rental of Frederick County Public Schools Facilities
Use of Facilities Fees
Use of Facilities Priority List