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Use of FCPS Facilities

Community User Groups

Terms, Conditions, and Procedures for Use of Facilities (UOF)

Approved/Existing Community User Groups (CUG)

  • Instructions to view a particular school’s UOF calendar and details of events on a particular date (available to all; you do not need to be an approved CUG or have a registered login to view)
  • Video on submitting a request form
  • Submit only a Normal Schedule Format request form (allows up to 20 event dates) at least 10 days in advance of your first event date.   
  • Follow seasonal submission chart below. Do not combine dates for two seasons on one request form.

New to FCPS Use of Facilities

A Community User Group will qualify as an approved user group if it meets these conditions:

  1. Application is made by a Frederick County, Maryland resident
  2. Provides proof of non-profit 501c3 organization – Copy of IRS approval letter
  3. Provides acceptable certificate of insurance (COI) within 7 days of submitting a request for an account (sample COI to send to your insurance provider)
Season/Event Dates Submission Period Processed by School
FY24: June 1, 2023-August 22, 2023** FY24: Mar 1-15, 2023 FY24: Mar 22, 2023
FY24: August 23-November 30, 2023 FY24: June 1-15, 2023 FY24: June 22, 2023
FY24: December 1, 2023-February 29, 2024 FY24: Oct 1-15, 2023 FY24: Oct 22, 2023
FY24: Mar 1, 2024-June 5, 2024** FY24: Jan 1-15, 2024 FY24: Jan 22, 2024

* Only request forms submitted during the two-week submission period will be considered for a shared usage arrangement with other CUGs, if required. Request forms may be submitted after the submission period for a current season, but will be considered based only on availability of the space.

**Coincides with approved School Calendarfor the first and last day of school for students; end of year could be extended due to inclement weather dates.

Priority 1 Groups (including PTA/Booster) may submit request forms at any time throughout the school year.

Inclement Weather

Instructions to determine the status of buildings or fields for CUG events.

High School Auditorium Usage

Request to Mow/Maintain an FCPS Field

  • Special permission is required; see UOF Standard Operating Procedures (link above)
  • Complete and email the following documents to Contact shown below

Other Organizations Responsible for Booking FCPS Gyms and Fields

City of Frederick Parks & Recreation:

  • Gym and Fields:  Butterfly Ridge ES, Governor Thomas Johnson MS, Lincoln ES, Whittier ES
  • Fields Only:  Hillcrest ES, Monocacy ES, Monocacy MS, North Frederick ES, Parkway ES, Waverley ES*
    *Field not available until Spring 2024

Frederick County Parks & Recreation:

  • Gym and Fields: Brunswick ES, Centerville ES, Deer Crossing ES, Middletown PS, Oakdale ES, Sugarloaf ES, Thurmont MS, Tuscarora ES, Walkersville ES, Rock Creek School (gym only for adaptive programming)

Town of Mount Airy:

  • Fields Only: Twin Ridge ES

Contact Information

Deb Walukonis, FCPS Use of Facilities Coordinator
Phone:  301-644-5229