Division of Legal Services

The FCPS Chief Legal Counsel has primary responsibility for advising the Superintendent and school system personnel on legal, employee contract administration and personnel matters.

For more information about school system policies, regulations and other legal matters, please see Policies & Regulations. Current information about employment terms and conditions negotiated with the Frederick County Teachers Association, Frederick Association of School Support Employees and Frederick County Association of School Administrators can be found in the Negotiated Agreements section.

To request a public record from FCPS, please contact Michelle Dauksha, michelle.dauksha@fcps.org or 301-696-6861 or use the online form below to submit your request. Please also review our Regulation 200-42, Public Information Act Requests.

Division of Legal Services:

Chief Legal Counsel: Steven N. Blivess, Esquire | (301) 696-6851
Associate General Counsel: Michelle S. Dauksha, Esquire | 301-696-6861
Associate General Counsel: Michael A. DuBey, Esquire | 301-696-6842
Executive Assistant: TBD | 301-696-6851
Paralegal: Nichole B. Szczesny | 301-644-5250

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