Chief of Equity & Organizational Development

Dr. Keith HarrisDr. Keith Harris is the Chief of Equity & Organizational Development and was appointed in 2016.

Dr. Harris oversees:

Education: Dr. Harris earned his Bachelor of Arts degree in Elementary/Special Education in 1990 from the University of Maryland Eastern Shore, and a Master of Science degree in Educational Leadership in 1999 from Hood College, Frederick, MD. He went on to earn a Doctorate in Educational Leadership from Nova Southeastern University, Ft. Lauderdale, FL in 2003, and a second Master’s degree from the Liberty Baptist University Theological Seminary in Theological Studies/Pastoral Leadership, Lynchburg, VA in 2010. In 2014, Dr. Harris received an honorary doctorate degree in Humane Letters from Hood College.

Background: Dr. Harris has had a long, distinguished career with FCPS. In 1990, he started as an elementary/special education teacher at Lincoln Elementary (formerly South Frederick Elementary School), and later on became an assistant principal at Twin Ridge Elementary School. Dr. Harris served as principal at Glade Elementary and later at North Frederick Elementary. In his career with Frederick County Public Schools (FCPS), Dr. Harris has also served as Leadership Development Specialist and Director of Schools. Currently, as an executive director, Dr. Harris also serves as a member of the Superintendent’s Cabinet. Outside of FCPS, Dr. Harris serves as an adjunct faculty member in the graduate and doctoral programs at Hood College. He also serves as an executive board member of the United Way of Frederick County.    

Leadership Belief:  It is my belief that in order to lead effectively in today’s world, one must do so with passion. Our passion clarifies our core as a person, and this core essence drives our feelings, attitudes, actions, behavior and conversation as we go throughout our lives and in our daily work. Our passions provide consistency and courage during turbulent times, gives us a sense of purpose, and becomes the driving force behind our visions. I believe that when passion fuels your purpose, almost anything is possible. But along with passion, I believe there must be compassion. Compassion is passion with a heart, allowing one to see what is invisible to the eye. We must focus on results, but do so with an understanding of the context and cultural influences of a particular situation. Compassion says, we must understand the why behind the what. Whereas passion answers the questions, “Why do I care?” and “What am I going to do about it?” Compassion answers the questions “How do I care?” and “Will I be moved to support others in need?” This is my motivation for the work I do, through which I am able to fulfill my life’s purpose of “nurturing in others the HOPE to envision, the ENCOURAGEMENT to believe, and the FAITH to realize incredible dreams!”

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