Assessment and Intervention

The Department of Assessment and Intervention aims to provide a county-wide process that provides prevention, early intervention services and appropriate instructional programming to ensure academic progress and success for all students. The process will include continuous and varied assessments of student performance that will lead to data-based decision making and the use of multi-tiered, research-based intervention.

Department Goals:

  • Build assessment literacy
  • Make decisions based on the use of student data
  • Support professional learning through resources and training
  • Provide early interventions to struggling students
  • Improve communication among stakeholders Pre-K to 12
  • Reinforce the use of technology for assessment administration and data-collection
  • Encourage feedback and goal-setting to increase student achievement

Kyle Barnette
Supervisor, Local Assessment & Intervention

(301) 644-5218
Fax: (301) 696-6956

Kelly Denti
Coordinator of Local Assessment and Intervention

(301) 644-5138

Brittney Garst
Reading Intervention Teacher Specialist

(301) 644-5222

Maggie Hawk
Intervention Teacher Specialist

(301) 544-5202

Michael Shesman
Math Intervention Teacher Specialist

(301) 644-5320

Marianne Morgan
Technology Support and Training Specialist

(301) 644-4127

Amy Jacobs
Academic Language Specialist

(240) 236-3877

Georgia Houck
Teacher Specialist for Intensive Intervention

(240) 236-6428

Tania Sabol
Teacher Specialist for Intensive Intervention

(240) 236-4668

Lauren Davidson
Teacher Specialist for Intensive Intervention

(301) 696-6824