Our Mission

Fulfilling the Promise of Public Education

Public education is at the heart of our community. It shapes who we are. In Frederick County, our promise is to empower our young people no matter who they are, no matter their backgrounds or circumstances. We want them to be prepared to succeed in college and careers.

Therefore, our mission is to:

  • Reach our students with exceptional teaching and caring support,
  • Challenge them to achieve their potential, and
  • Prepare them for success in a global society.

Frederick County depends on the opportunities that our schools guarantee. Public education keeps our community moving forward. It prepares our future community leaders, our business leaders, and our workforces.

The children we educate today will be the adults caring for our community's health, homes, businesses, and neighborhoods tomorrow. Frederick County's investment in public education is an investment in our future.

See the FCPS Goals and Strategic Plan