Organized to Focus on Student Achievement

Superintendent's Cabinet Organizational Chart

  • Chief of Staff
  • Division of Academics, Curriculum, Transformation and Student Achievement (ACTS)
  • Division of Fiscal Services
  • Division of Legal Services
  • Division of Operations
  • Public Affairs Department

The Deputy Superintendent oversees:

  • Curriculum, Instruction and Innovation
  • Equity and Organizational Development
  • Special Education and Student Services
  • System Accountability & School Administration

The Chief Operating Officer oversees:

  • Capital Program
  • Food & Nutrition Services
  • Maintenance & Operations
  • Safety & Emergency Management
  • Technology Infrastructure
  • Transportation Services
  • Use of Facilities
  • Warehouse

The Associate Superintendent of Fiscal Services oversees:

  • Fiscal Services (Accounting, Budget and Financial Reporting)
  • Business Services Technology
  • Purchasing

The Chief of Staff oversees:

  • Human Resources

The Chief Legal Counsel oversees:

  • Legal Services

The Chief of Equity and Organizational Development oversees:

  • Equity
  • Organizational Development