Closings and Delays

Occasionally, inclement weather and other safety or health conditions require FCPS to close, delay opening or dismiss early.

Closing and delay decisions involve careful evaluation of a variety of ­factors in a short time ­period. Whenever possible, decisions are made by 5 a.m. for morning closings and delays and by 10 a.m. for early closings, and announced soon after.

Because weather can change quickly and forecasts aren't always certain, it's rarely possible to determine delays or closings the night before. But we always make the decision as soon as we can be sure of the weather and travel conditions, and we begin communicating the decision right away.

FCPS doesn't usually announce that schools are open or operating on schedule, only that they are closed, delayed or dismissing early. If we haven't announced otherwise, schools are open on time.

Regardless of what FCPS decides, if you believe weather conditions are hazardous or unsafe, you have the right to keep your child home from school. Student absences because of hazardous weather conditions are lawful and excused.

How to Find Out

FCPS notifies about 30 local and regional TV and radio stations plus our own media outlets about systemwide school delays and closings. It is not possible to guarantee that the news media will announce this information promptly or accurately. For the fastest, most reliable information, check the ­following:

Note: FCPS social media and are the fastest ways to get emergency notices. Email and text notices can take longer because of the volume of messages that require acceptance from a wide variety of Internet Service Providers.

All FindOutFirst (FOF) emergency notices come from FCPS Communication Services. Emergencies include schools closing due to weather, power outages or the like. SMS text messages are sent only when schools are unexpectedly closing. FOF does not typically send email about lockdowns, most of which are precautionary and brief. In your FOF profile, you must select your child's school to get news of emergencies pertaining only to that school.

Plan Back-up Care  For safety reasons, pre-arrange emergency back-up care for your child in the event that schools close unexpectedly. Teach your child what to do in case you are not at home when school closes, and provide the school with the name and number of someone nearby who is usually available when you are not at home.

On Non-School Days  When the Snow Emergency Plan is in effect in Frederick County on non-school days, all FCPS programs and activities are canceled. Monitor local radio stations for Snow Emergency Plan status or visit the Maryland Department of Transportation website.

PreKindergarten Schedule* When school opening is delayed 2 hours, half-day pre-k sessions are abbreviated to 1-1/2 hours. Morning half-day classes start 2 hours late with the rest of the grades at the school and ­dismiss 1 hour later than usual. Breakfast is served. The afternoon half-day session starts 1 hour later than usual and dismisses at the regular time. This schedule is intended to provide all half-day pre-k students equitable instruc­tional time. *Does not apply to charter schools

Career & Technology Center When schools countywide open 2 hours late for inclement weather, morning CTC classes start 2 hours late and dismiss about 1 hour later than usual. Afternoon sessions start 40 minutes later than usual and dismiss at the regular time.

Early Dismissal When schools close 2 hours early due to bad weather, morning pre-k students remain at school for dismissal with full-day students. Lunches are served. Afternoon pre-k and CTC programs are canceled; CTC students remain at their home schools. Flexible Evening High and Heather Ridge Twilight programs are canceled. See Regulation 400-02 for details.

After-School and Weekend Activities Generally, when schools are closed due to inclement weather, school-sponsored after-school and evening activities are canceled or postponed. On non-school days when the Snow Emergency Plan is in effect in Frederick County, all FCPS programs and activities are canceled or postponed. To find out if the plan is in effect, please monitor local radio stations or visit the Maryland Department of Transportation website.

Lunches When Schools Are Closed 3 Days in a Row During inclement weather events some of our students lack access to meals. Read more about our Emergency Lunches Protocol.